after having my 2 male cats neutered:

by nancy hernandez
(ashtabula ohio 44004)

my name is nancy from ohio.i am a cat lover.i got my 2 babies when they were born.and recently.this past thursday,i took them and got both of them neutered.that day i dropped them off.was the worst day of mylife.i had them in a carrier.and one of mycats was meowing all the way there.and my other one just had his head didnt hit me so hard until i got to the surgeryplace.they both was meowing.i felt so bad.they just lookedup at me.thinking i was abandoning them.i cryed throughout that whole day.and said to myself.did i do the right thing.that evening me and myhusband picked them up.and ever since.they havent acted the same.its been 2 days now since the surgery.and all they do is eat and husband didnt help matters much,knowing ive been crying all that wondering now if i did the right thing.myhusband says thats not my cat.i wanna know are they gona change towards us,for me having this done to them?are they ever gona act the way they did long after surgery does it take before they start acting like my babies again?i know this probly sounds crazy to u,for my feelings for my cats.but i cannot have children.they are all i have,plz tell me if i did the right thing.i hope to hear back from somebody thank you for your time.

Answer by KAte
Nancy, I can say 100% that you did the right thing. I know how terrible you feel when you have to take your cats to the vet, i'm the same. But taking them to the vets is the best thing for them always, they don't know it but you are providing the best care for them. Too many people don't take their cats to the vet and I can't bare the thought of the suffering.

Having cats neutered is not just to stop un wanted kittens from being born but it also helps to make your cats less aggressive, less frustrated and even has some health benefits too.

I have two new kittens myself and they are both neutered and they are just fantastic. As for how long after surgery will they get back to their old selves well I would say three or fours days really.they may still be a little sore at the moment and the anaesthetic can take a few days to completely get out of their system. So don't worry (cats can pick up on your worry and this can make them scared and act strangely) be your normal self , give them space and time to recover and I'm sure that given a few more days they will be returning back to their old selves.

best wishes Kate

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replying back to kate:
by: nancy hernandez

hi kate.this is nancy hernandez.i wanted to say thank you so much for your kind words.and i do love my kitties.they are my babies.myhusband is happy now becuz our cats are back to normal again.about cat abuse.there is so much here in the usa.myfriend finally got out of a mental and physically abusive relationship.he killed a couple of her kittens.he threw one of them up against her basement wall.and broke its legs;i really dont wana talk about this,but this jerk is wanted by the police dept.and supposubly he went to florida.but like i told myfriend.if i ever see him walking down the streets.i would run him down like a dog.his name is jason branscome.and if anybody was to look his name up.i sent articles in the paper.and posted everywhere that if anybody seen his uglymug please notify police.but hunny wanted to say thank you for your support

about my sisters pregnant cat
by: nancy hernandez

my sister has a mother cat.and this is her 2nd litter of kittens.she hasnt had them yet,but called me today saying her cat started bleeding,and asking me what she should do.i told her if shes bleeding that bad.she should take her to an emergencyvet.cuz she might either be having a miscarriage or could be himeraging inside.but im not a vet.but my question is what would cause the cat to start bleeding.?

Answer by kate
well it could be that she is going into labor but if she not near her full term or as you say if the bleeding is very bad, she must take the poor cat to the vet.
Hope all is well. Kate

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