aggresion from my cat

by amanda symonds

katie chillin andi just took it like two seconds ago

katie chillin andi just took it like two seconds ago

hi my name is amanda and i have four beautiful cats i did only have three but there is this one cat named katie she is a year old and she has a sister name lil bit they have always been so close well we wanted to help out a freind so we took one of her cats in recently and now katie won let anyone touch her she is agressive towards all the cats including her sister and she tries to bite me and my family when we try to show her affection oh and one more thing she has also been in heat for a long time its like she wont come out of it but all my cats are female and they are not outside cats what should i do to make her life andour lives easier

well first of all regardless of the fact that all your cats are indoor only cats it would be in their interests to still be spayed.

there are health benefits to being spayed as well as the obvious not accidentally getting out and becoming pregnant. it also lets them lead a more relaxed and happy life.

It si not surprising that she is aggressive if she is living in a house full of other un-spayed female cats. the hormones rushing around and the scent this will have will make your cat feel threatened all the time.

I have a page about the health benefits of having your cat spayed which you may find of further interest here

On top of having her spayed you could also try some of the cat calming medications or sprays available. Aggression is often a sign of fear. This page has some information about these treatments.


best wishes kate

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