Aggressive 6 yr old cat

by Claire

I've just rehomed a 6 yr old Burmese cat a girl who has been spayed. The owner told me her history and the cat was being fed by a local home for 2 yrs until it closed leaving the cat so the cat went home to the owner since she had her back she did nothing but scratch bite hiss etc she felt to much had changed in her home and rehomed her to me. She let's you stroke her after growling and hissing then she attacks she rubbed her head on my hand this morning then 5 seconds later sratched at my face! Will she ever calm down or is she too old we are all scared of her.

Answer by Kate
well there are several things at play here. first of all the cat has been moved around and this has probably made her anxious. Secondly she may have not been socialized properly when she was a kitten and so is not very comfortable around people and being stroked etc. Also she may not have learned that biting is not a game when its people hands involved.

unfortunately changing behaviors in older cats can be very difficult and can take a very long time to change but don't give up on her. you must understand that her behavior is not because she is mean or nasty she is simply reacting to her new surroundings and also is displaying learned behavior.

First thing is not to be scared of her but to accept who she is and adapt your behaviors to her. So if she is not a cat who likes lots of tickles etc then you should accept that.

I have some pages on my site which may be of further help

Give her time and I'm sure that she will eventually relax around you all and her behavior should calm down.

best wishes Kate

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