Amber and willow Cat Rescue Story

new kittten!

new kittten!

we got Amber and Willow about a year ago when I passed my 11+ exams and dad said I could have a cat for passing. Personally I would have had any cat, but my mom said it had to be a gray kitten.

So I spent ages on the Internet and found Willow, a healthy 13 week old Russian blue. I showed her photo to my mom and loved her so we contacted the breeder and said we would have her.

The only problem was, a few days before we were going to get her we saw a beautiful little rescue kitten that we also adored. After lots of discussion we decided to have both. Me and mom got Amber first. The foster lady said I was good with her and the other cats there. Amber was huddled in a basket and there were two other kittens, each huddled in there own basket close by. They were all nervous but we knew we had to have Amber so we brought her home.

we let her out of her cat carrier to freely roam the house as soon as we got home. Big mistake. Amber stayed under the filing cabinet for 2 days and then under my bed for a further week. Willow was very different. We picked her up from the breeder hours after Amber.

{My older sister stayed home with Amber}
The breeder had several award winning Russian blues and a Russian black at home as pets so Willow lived with her relatives.

When we got her home we got to know the kind of wonderful cat she is. She may be little but her personality exceeds her size. i was playing my ds on my bed and Willow came and shoved it onto the floor. she once sent an email and she and Amber are inseparable ad are now like sisters.Amber is a quiet, wary cat who is really chubby and follows my dad everywhere. Because my cats are very motherly and are neutered and so can't have kittens of their own we considered getting a new kitten {i.e cost, if we had the time We even gave amber and willow a personality test to make sure we chose the right kitten} and decided we would have one.We are going to get the new kitten in 10 days on the 11th of February 2012 and i want to call her Topaz.

by: Melinda Hunter

I enjoyed this story about Amber and Willow. You write very well. You should keep writing about your cats. Melinda

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