Angel White The Cat

Angel white the cat. My name is Julie and this is my cat.

Sex - Male

Age - 6

Lives In - San Jose, United States

My favorite food - Fancy Feast

This is what I like to do the best - Sleeping and eating

My funny habits are - He likes running around the house for no reason.

How I found my cat - We got Angel from a friend

We got Angel when he was a kitten and we loved him ever since!We got the name Angel because he is a white cat with blue eyes and he looked like an angel.

We got attached to Angel right away.We spent almost an hour picking a name for him.I loved him right away.So did the rest of my family.

Angel was a little miscievious.He would go on top of the t.v and lay there.And he would run around the house for no reason at all.He was a cute kitten.

Years passed and Angel grew up.He is a funny little fellow.His favorite places in the house is on the window and he likes to look out of it.His other favorite place is on the glass table.Although he likes to lay on old newspapers that we get in the mail.

Angel is now a old cat but is still energetic.He is not so old thouh.He still has many years to live. 
He still runs around the house but we love him anyway.He likes to sleep with me at night and if your patient hell come lay with you when your just laying down.

Some funny memories i have with Angel is when he was a kitten and he got stuck in the couch!We had to cut a hole on the bottom of the couch.About half an hour later he popped out.Now he doesn't run to the couch.Another funny memory i have with Angel is when we gave him a little bit of catnip at night and the next day when we woke up there was catnip all over the kitchen floor!We had evidence he did it because there was catnip on his back.It was a mess but we had to sweep it all up.No more catnip for him(at lease for now!).We keep the catnip in a cabinet now up high so he cant get it until we let him.

Angel was an indoor cat for pretty much his whole life.He is spoiled with me and my mom and we both feed and play with him.We all love Angel so much!!

I remember when we first got Angel my mom didn't like cats.So she said one night only and it seems she is still saying that to this day!We will have Angel until he dies and him in our memories when he isn't here with us any more.

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