Angry Cat

by Raymond
(North Carolina)

Hello, my wife and I are beside ourselves with our tabby. Here's the situation.....

I have a tabby that is normally very nice and playful. This changes immediately when another cat (ie, the neighbors cat) comes on the property and is spotted by my cat. My cat then comes completely undone, starts bashing his head against the sliding glass door, window, knocking things off tables, ect. If me, my wife, or my daughter are anywhere in the vicinity of him when he is going into one of his territorial rampages then he directs the attack on us. I guess my question would be how in the world do I break him of this? I've never seen a cat get so worked up over just seeing another cat outside and then attack their human family. My daughter was eating breakfast yesterday morning and was attacked by our cat after he had seen the neighbors cat when he was walking by the patio door. Any help/advise would be appreciated.

Answer by Kate
Well this does seem rather extreme behavior. I assume your cat is neutered, if not then this would help the situation.

Apart from that i'm not too sure what you can do, your cat obviously feels frustrated and wants to be able to get outside and defend his territory and the fact that he is attacking the family is simply his way of expressing this frustration.

Your cat have a hormone imbalance which is causing him to be overly aggressive, it may be worth checking with your vet to see if he feels if this is a possibility and if there is some treatment for this.

as i say his behavior does seem rather excessive and is probably mainly due to boredom and frustration of being inside all the time. making sure his inside world is as stimulating as possible may help him to redirect his attentions.

i have a couple of pages here on the site which you may find of further interest regarding this.

best wishes kate

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