Any breed or type of cat that sheds minimally

by Antonia de-Ritis
(London UK)

It drives me potty ,especially that type of hair that just flys around when they touch you.Life is too short to keep vacuuming ,lint rollering etc .I have looked at rex's and the sphynx but these breeds don't look catlike enough for me !Is the Korats coat good in this respect or have you any good idea's.Please don't tell me I shouldn't own a cat if I feel like this as I have owned cats for 40 odd years and adored every shedding little kitty.But as I am catless at present and am looking for another I thought I might as well take this into account when choosing. Antonia.

Answer by Kate
well in my experience I think most cats shed hair if they have a short or medium coat. As you have said the rex's and Sphinx cats is probably the only ones who either don't shed or very little. I'm afraid I have no experience of the Korat to be able to give an opinion.

Funnily enough the cat that gave me the least cat hair problems was my old maine coon cat who had long hair but seemed to shed in clumps rather than hairs everywhere. I think because of his long coat we groomed him more so there was less to shed himself.

Anyway I wish you every happiness with your next cat.

best wishes Kate

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