April 2012 - Byron Reclaims His Favourite Chair

by KAte

Byron On His Favourite Chair

Byron On His Favourite Chair

Well after nearly a year Byron our black and white cat has finally returned to sleeping in his favourite chair.

The reason for the chairs lack of kitty love for the past year is simply. Byron blamed it for being ill and having to go to the hospital.

Yes you read right, it was all the chairs fault apparently.

Many of you may remember that both of our cats were dangerously ill last year with the Calici Virus and at one point we thought we was going to lose them both.

Byron had been sitting on his favourite red chair with his swollen leg and sore mouth on the day we took them to the vets. Ever since that day the chair has been sent to Coventry.

A couple of times since, Byron had walked up to it and given it a sniff but then turned away. Shelley our other cat even jumped up onto it one day, only to have a look of horror on his face and then for him to run like crazy from the room.

However just a few weeks ago, out of the blue, Byron simply jumped up on it and curled up. He has since slept on it every day, but only during the day. Night time bed is reserved for the chair downstairs.

To this day I don’t know why the chair became so scary to our cats. Perhaps it had a smell which they associated with feeling ill, or perhaps the colour of it may have had an association. Either way it is now in our cats good books again and it can now return to its right and proper function of being a cat bed.

I wonder if other cat owners have experienced something similar with their own cats. I have certainly never seen this happen before but then again I have never had a cat who has been as seriously ill before as mine were last year.

I have a page in the cat health section about the Calici virus if anyone is interested in this contagious illness. I’m afraid our American friends are more at risk to it then here in the UK as it is more prevalent there. It’s certainly worth being aware of the illness and the symptoms and speaking to your vet about any possible vaccines available (I know there are some).

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Scary chair
by: Kevin Johnson

Yes, I had my couch taken outside while my house was steam cleaned and my nine month old kitten at the time refused to go near it again. It was like taking a tribble to see a Klingon, he'd even become violent. I think it had to do with smell.

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