Are Cats connected to the spirit world?

by stacey

My father has just passed away and every where i go there seems to be a cat looking at me my father wasnt a cat lover more of a dog lover but this is really strange it came up and sat beside me and rubbed its head against my leg as my father died of cancer i had lit up a cigarette the cat scratched me on the hand and ran off. It sits on my fathers window sill and just looks through the window. I just wanted to know is there a link with cats and the spirts. If that makes any sence to you as it really is all confusing to me.

Answer by Kate
i am sorry to hear of recent loss and can appreciate that it mist be a hard time for you at the moment.
As for your question, well i don't think I can give you a definite answer. I know that many believe that cats are very spiritual and o have a connection with things we cannot see.
However i do know that cats are very good at picking up on our own emotions. When i went through a particularly bad time in my life, my cat then who was never particularly affectionate, suddenly stuck to me like glue. It was very comforting and I wonder if this is what is
happening with you.

i am sure that others will have their own views on this and will add their comments to this thread. I am completely open minded and would say to you to take what comfort you can from your visiting cat. they are great companions in times of stress.

best wishes Kate

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answer for your question
by: josh

i believe cats can contacted with the spirit world and see spirits when there eyes glow in the dark it means there seeing a spirit

My cat experience with cats and the spirit world
by: Anonymous

My mother passed away on july 10 two weeks ago of cancer, I am in fl and my family is in Ma, I did not know it had reached the point it had, I believed she was in remission. About 5 days before she passed I happened to look out my second floor window and saw this cat I had never seen before sitting just looking up at my window, when I stood watching she just stayed there looking up at me, I did not see her again until july 9th when I came home, she was sitting there waiting for me, she came up to me rubbing my leg, I sat with her, and then brought her in, she fell asleep for hours and hours, The next day my mom passed away, I believe something sent the cat to me, she came out of nowhere, my mother was not a cat lover, but I do love cats and I wonder if the cat was sent to me to help me cope, or if mabye it is a way for my mother to say good-bye. She is still in the house and it's like she has been here for ever, my cats aren't very happy about it, but she is content

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