Are these coming from my cat?

by Ashley Coleman

My cat loves to drink out of the bathtub and when he gets out of the tub I have noticed little tiny specks of blood where he has walked. Also I have seen little black (they look and move like tiny worms) on my floor and when you touch them they turn into what looks to be blood. I think whatever these things are is the same thing that is making the blood in the bathtub when my cat gets in there. Do cats get sometime of worm on there paws? Please help.

Answer by Kate
They could simply be dropping off his fur and they show up better in the bath tub. flea eggs are small black specks and when squeezed they are filled with blood. I would check his fur for more of these black specks especailly around the neck area.
As for worms, well this i can't really comment on as i have not come across this before. It be that he has picked up something from the garden or it could be coming from his rear end. It really would have to be checked out by a vet. Have you wormed him lately? If not it may be worth doing now as a precaution.

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i thnk i know what you are talking about
by: Anonymous

I just found some very tiny lack like worms that wiggle in the water by the bathtub. our cat also drinks from it. i need to know what they are so it doesn't harm my children.

Answer by kate
i have no idea what these could be. I do know if you leave water outside that little black worms appear as if by magic, they must be the lavea of some insect. Perhaps this is what has happened. I don't hink it has anything to do with your cat.
As long as your kids don't drink the water i don't think you should be too worried. If it happens again then i would see if your water company can advise you further.

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