Asthma, tired and sleepy cat

by sandra


Cesa is 9yrs old, this week i took her to the vet for xrays and it showed asthma.. She was given prednisone 5mg but i haven't started giving her this steroide yet as she is already very stressed and i don't know how to give her this otherwise. She has a bit of hard time swallowing and for the last three days she went to pee only once, but could be b/c of stress again, i noticed that with her, and vet visit was a horror. For the last week she sleeps all the time and I am sure she is in pain, she has a different look in her eyes and just flats down on couch or floor. If something else is wrong with her, wouldn't that be on xrays? How long do cats live? Should i buy an air purifier, huge investment but if anybody can tell me similar cases and that it helped, i will go for it!! Could it be that she has some urinary tract problems too that cannot be seen on xray?
Thanks very much, we are in distress!

Answer by Kate
Sandra to be honest most of your questions can only be answered by a vet. If you think something else is wrong with her it is better to take her back to the vets. it may be that they missed something or were not looking for anything else.

It is very important that you start to give her the medication as soon as possible if the vet thinks that this will help her. the longer she goes without medication the worse the condition could get.

If you think she is in pain then tell the vet who may be able to prescribe something for it.

As for the air purifier, i couldn't say, personally i don't think it is necessary.

Please see my web page about cat first aid and giving cats medication, there is a video on there that is of great help . here is the page

best wishes Kate

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