Athritis or something different

My 8 year old cat Spazzie, was hit by a car last year and broke her pelvic bone in 2 places, we let her heal naturally, what the vet said. This was in Missouri, now after 6 months of living in Florida she started limping. Not putting her rear right leg on ground. I thought it was just sore from her accident and it being a very cold winter here in Fl. Its been over 3 months and now she extends the leg strait out like a rod and it shakes. Then after a minute she can put it back down and doesnt touch the floor with it. I am so tight with money, but I love my cat to death. I need some advice please. She also seems thinner and of course not at all energetic, she is getting worse. She eats and uses the cat box, but she just lies down and sleeps all day now. After her accident her right ear has remained crinkled and I dont know what that is about either. When she got hit I took her to the vet and paid big bucks for xrays and exam to be told it will heal on its own and to have her take antibiotics.

Answer by Kate
I think you know the answer already to your question.
Because of the accident you will have to take her back to the vets as it could be arthritis but it could also be a stress fracture, or the injury may have healed in such a way as it is causing her pain.

the only way to know for sure is to take her back to the vets, at the very least they may recommend some pain relief for your cat.

I know this will cost money but as in all things in this life we have to do all we can for those we care about and sometimes that isn't cheap. Sorry.

If it is arthritis then there may be some things available which can help your cat over the coming years, my cat had a little trouble too and she lived happily to the age of 17.

I do have a page about cat arthritis which you may find of further information

I hope the vet can help soon

best wishes Kate

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