Bad Toilet Behaviour

by Paul B


I wonder if you can help.... as I am getting desperate!!

I have a 1 1/2 year old bengal house cat... He is litter trained and very sociable and loving but he has a very bad habbit...

The problem is... he keeps pooing on our bed and our spare bed!!

I have no idea why he does it... it generally happens about once a month... As there is no pattern we are at a loss of what to do... The only other point worth mentioning is that he does have a delicate stomache... he oftens passes blood when pooing... we have taken him to the vet but have been told he is fine...

If you can help id be very greatful



Answer by Kate
It is very difficult for me to say exactly why he is doing this as there could be many causes. All i can say is that this sort of behavior is called middening and is assocaited with the cat feeling unsettled in the home (that is as long as it is not assocaited with a upset tummy). All i can suggest is that you read my page about middening under the cat uriantion heading. As it will help to give you some ideas as to way this sort of behavior happens.

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Bad Cat Poops and Urinates on Carpet
by: Laura

Dear Kate,

We bought two cats from the same cage at the Animal Shelter, they are three years old now. We bought another little kitten last December and it seems that ever since we bought the other little Kitten,one of the bigger cat cats started urinating and pooping on our carpets.
I believe the reason for his behavior is because he does not care for the other little in his house.

I am open to any advise that you have to share. We don't know how to get him to go back to his litter box.



nswer by KAte
Plese see my pages here about this problem. It will give you some ideas why this is happening and how to deal with it. here is the first page

Thank you
by: Paul B

Thank you very much for the reply... I think you may of just opened my eyes!! I think it could be to do with seperation anxiety... As he is often by himself while im at work...

What would you thoughts be about once he is settled that we get another cat to keep him company? This is somthing that we have thought about for a while... As he is a very social cat at the cattery and with my moms cats...

Thank you


Answer by kate

Not all cats are happy to be with other cats and they don't necessarily need another cat as company but if you know your cat and know that he gets on well with other cats then it may a be soluition for him while you are away.
If you do decide to get another cat make sure you introduce them slowly to each other (see my page about introducing cats on my training pages) as it will help to ensure a happy home.

best wishes kate

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