Behavior issues

by Heather

She loves to watch tv :)

She loves to watch tv :)

Hi, I have a 12 year old cat. Ever since we got her (she was about a year)(she is spayed) she has been chased and attacked by every single cat we have had and it has been about 5 or 6 cats. She used to pee in the corners of the house. She stopped doing that. We moved to a new home a year ago. She has adjusted just fine. Recently, for about 2 months she has not left my room. She is pretty healthy though. She drinks, eats, and plays. The only issue is, she is peeing in the corners AGAIN. A LOT. And she will do it right in front of me. Also, she just started to have wild spurts. She will run to a spot on my bed and then another and another(and shes not playing, i can tell the difference). She just acts so skiddish out of nowhere. And she was running wild she would jump off the bed run under come up the other side jump back down the other side go under and come back up the other side on and on. I'm not sure what's wrong with her. She seems to be completely healthy and strong. Just wondering if you had any thoughts. Thank you :)

Answer by Kate
My first thought is have you checked her for fleas or any sign of other parasites as the skittish sudden running can be associated with a parasite problem. Or perhaps even an allergy. My own cat get very itchy all of a sudden when she eats some food and she runs all over the house madly for about 2 minutes.

As for the urination it may be associated with the skittish behaviour as she may be distressed by it. (especially if she is a very sensitive cat which she sounds like she is from past experiences).

If I were you I would have my cat checked over by a vet for any skin or parasite problems or even urinary issues. then if she is given the all clear then you will have to assume the behaviour is all down to some form of stress or boredom even. Urination like this can be brought on by many things. i have written a page about this issue which will give you some more ideas as to the possible causes and also how to help her through it. Here is the first page

Hope your lovely little girl is better soon.

best wishes Kate

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