Being attacked by cat

by Tracy
(Hartford, CT)

I have a year old MALE cat who we have had since he was a baby. we just got a kitten last week because our cat Bootsie is so friendly with any dog or cat who came to visit so we decided to try to get him a friend. He is very protective over this kitten. The kitten is a girl. Today I was attacked by Bootsie because I accidently stepped on the kittens paw and when I went to pick up the kitten she hissed at me. The next thing I know Bootsie is attacking me. I am all clawed up on my legs. He kpt hissing at me and attacking me. I finally got to my door and went outside. I came back in after a few minutes and he attacked again. Finally he did stop and he is back to normal again. he also attacked my boyfriend last week when he was putting another kitten we had caught in a pet carrier to bring it to its new home. The kitten hissed and Bootsie attacked him, luckily my boyfriend had pants on, I didn't so I am a mess all over my legs. PLEASE tell me what should I do? Bootsie acts like he is the MAMA cat. he has carried the little kitten around by the scruff of the neck many times and he gives her a bath too. CAn you tell me what I should do. I would hate to get rid of the kitten, but I cannot get attacked if I

accidently step on the kitten etc....It was a scary experience to be afraid to be in my own house.

Answer by Kate
well I'm sorry to hear of your scractches etc but I don't really think there is much you can do. your cat is displaying normal protective behavior, some cats are more like this than others and male cats can take on the role of mama cat in certain cases.
cat aggression is often cased by fear. this can be triggered by many thing and the cries of the kitten when she was stepped on is enough to frighten the male cat and his response is to act aggressively. Again this is a normal reaction.

So I think your cat is reacting aggressively when something scares him and also he is displaying protective behaviour. This is normal and there really isn't anything that you can do.

Time will probably calm the situation down as the kitten grows up and your male cat becomes more used to the new situation in the home. Give him space and time to be able to look after the kitten at the moment. Stepping back from the situation for a few days will help him to calm down and re gain trust in you.

Let him come to you, don't try to go to him or touch him etc. he needs to realise that you are not something to be afraid of. This new found confidence will over spill to other people too as he calms down.

best wishes Kate

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New kitten
by: Diana

Hello, I have a question to ask. I just got a new kitten my husband brought home . She's a stray ,already got her shots except rabies , she'll get it at the end of the week when she gets spayed an declaw ( front only ).I have another cat ,he came from the same place as the female , he is neutered and declawed ( front only) , he is about 1 year old. They both seem to be very layed back . My problem is why does it take so long to keep the cat an kitten apart for so long ,they see one another from time to time she in cage and him watching from outside the cage . They only hissed once and that was it , we've have had her now for 5 days . I just feel I'm abusing her by leaving her in the room by herself . We (3) all go in the room an play with her , but I just feel so sorry for her. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process of introduction between the two . I don't want to get either one of them hurt.Sorry I just LOVE my pets so much. Thanks

by: Tracy

Its Tracy the one who wote about being attacked by cat. I left out the 2 for my cat. My cat is 2 years old. Actually he is closer to 3 yrs old. I just wanted to add that.


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