The Benefits of Neutering And Spaying Cats

The benefits of neutering or spaying your cat are many, although apart from the obvious reasons of reducing the number of unwanted kittens, the other reasons may not be that obvious at first.

I hope this page will outline the many other good reasons to neuter your cats.

Male Cats

un- neutered male cats are known as Tom cats and these left intact are the main reason for the huge numbers of unwanted kittens being born. this is because they can serve a large number of female cats and will travel quite long distances to do so.

Apart from helping to keep the feline population down these are the other benefits of neutering male cats.

  • Neutered male cats will spray scent a lot less. 

    The main reason for them to do this is to mark their territory and to let female cats know they are around. Even though neutered male cats will still scent now and again it is far less strong in smell.
  • Neutered males will fight with other male cats a lot less. 

    This will reduce injury and the risk of infection. Not to mention the reduction of those awful nigh time screeches.

  • Neutered males are far less likely to wander off and become lost. 

    Their urge to wander is much reduced after the operation and tend to stay much nearer to home.
  • Reduction of the spread of diseases such as FeLV and FIV.

    These diseases are mainly spread by fighting cats. So the reduction in fights will also reduce the spread of these nasty illnesses. 

  • Risk of testicular cancer removed.

    As the testicles are removed during the operation, this type of cancer is prevented. 

  • The reduction of the occurrences of "stud tail," which is caused by over active glands in the tail. 

  • Even male cats can get mammary cancer but the risk is much reduced after castration.

The benefits of neutering your male cat are many as you can see, but for me one of the main things you will notice is that your male becomes a much friendlier pet to have around.

Spaying For Female Cats

Hands up if you have ever had a cat in heat before? i know I have and It was a very unpleasant experience for all concerned. What with the constant caterwauling to attract male cats and the dragging of her behind around the home, it really was an experience which I was happy to leave behind.

Of course the main benefit of spaying your female cats is of course the reduction in the population of cats. This is a very real problem and one that is often over looked.

However there are also health benefits to having the operation carried out as soon as possible.

  • Again the risk of mammary cancer is much reduced, especially if you have her spayed before her first heat. The build up of hormones with each subsequent heat period will increase the risks of cancer. So the sooner the operation can be carried out the better.
  • The spay operation involves removing the ovaries and uterus. This eliminates ovarian or uterine cancer.
  • Another nasty illness which female cats can be at risk of is Pyometritis. This is caused when bacteria attacks the uterus. But again no uterus no risk.

I know i keep saying it but when you know just how many cats and kittens are destroyed each year simply because of over population, then neutering and spaying our cats really is the only answer. A relatively easy and inexpensive operation can save much suffering in the long term. I hope you agree.

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