bengal cat with watery eyes

by Mr Plant

I have a six year old bengel i brought her from a breeder n she has spent most of her life in a cage, she will not come on your lap or let u pick her up ,and is generally a nervous cat , she has been having problems with her eyes and i have taken her to the vets which turned out to be a nightmare as neither myself or the vet could hold her to have a look at her . she gave me some drops and said she thought she had conjuntivitus but i am unable to administer them ,and i am getting very concearned as it does not seem to be clearing up .i would be very grateful if u could give me any advice or help on this matter `. she has wet watery eyes n has to shake it out .

Answer by Kate
I am so sorry to hear that your beutifual girl has eye issues. It may well be that she had cat flu when she was younger and this has caused a perminant eye problem.

unfortunately I think the only thing you can do is to follow the vets advice to try and clear the problem up. You have to be quite firm with a cat when you are holding them and also quickness is a big help too. you may have to get someone to help you with this process if she is a big cat.

I have a web page about cat eye problems which you may find of further interest here

i hope you can find a way of getting the drops into her eyes as this is probably the best way to try and tackle the issue.

best wishes kate

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how to hold your cat
by: Anonymous

catching your bengal is the easy part, however keeping ahold of her is difficult. you need to wrap he tightly in a towel so that all paws are secure and she cannot scratch you forcing you to let go. You'll also need someone else to open her eyes and administer the medicine

Bengal help
by: Anonymous

Sounds like your breeder didn't interact with her kittens. That is really sad. I got my bengal at 12 wks old this past June and he has tripled in size and loves to cuddle. He loves children and they look forward to playing with him and strolling him around in the baby doll buggy. He hops in on command in English and French and many times when they are gone he hops in and just stares and meows at me and my hubby like push me around. Have you tried wrapping yours in a blanket and basically swaddling them so they get use to you holding them. I think constant handling and swaddling and loving will make them more lovable. I only allowed mine in my bedroom the first two weeks then entroduced him to the downstairs then the whole house. He minds very well and knows where he can scratch. I usually just contain him to my room if I leave for a period of time so others coming in and out won't accidently let him out. he sleeps in between us and sucks his blanket. He is very obedient but it takes work. But I can say that my breeder was excellent and she trains all of her cats and that's why I picked her over any others I saw all across the country. You might email her website - and see if she has any ideas. My kitten's grandfather worked for the FBI so you can see I didn't just pick any breeder. She is ocd with her babies and tends to them around the clock. She even has full time nannies. Good luck but I would be more concerned about him being in a cage all his life than his watery eyes.

bengal kitty
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry for Kitty's watery eyes. But I'm more sorry that the poor kitty has spent most if it's life in a cage. I find it cruel. I hope you are not at fault. I believe if someone has a pet treat it as a family member or better your baby. People who cage animals for a long period should be put in a cage for a while to see how they like it. So sad!!!

by: Anonymous

Aconite is poison. Only a very very skilled homeopath could administer a safe dose which is so close to a lethal dose it is not worth the risk. Please do not use this remedy.

watery eyes
by: Anonymous

I got 2 Bengal kittens and they had watery eyes the first few days I had them. I put 3 tablets of homeopathic aconite in their drinking water. The next day they were no longer draining. I've put a little in each day for several days. Aconite is a common homeopathic remedy for the eyes and I think it would be worth a try for you.

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