Bengal Wars!

by Nicola

Luna, Unfortunately Jinx is a bit camera shy!

Luna, Unfortunately Jinx is a bit camera shy!

I just bought home my new baby, Jinx, an 8 week old bengal. I already have a 6 month old bengal snow, Luna, who happens to be Jinx's big sister. The thing is Luna won't accept Jinx. She hisses and growles even if he's not in the room. Will this last forever? Is there anything i can do to make it easier for her to accept him? What confuses me is there are lots of cats on our street and Luna will run about and play with them all, shes not an aggressive cat, she hasnt attacked Jinx just hisses and growles. it will be a shame if they dont get on.

Answer by Kate
Its a territory thing i'm afraid and completly normal. How did you introduce them? It is very important how cats are first introduced as it helps to build their confidence with each other without the fear of conflict early on. See my page under the training section about introducing cats.
Hopefully as they get used to each other they will settle down, but sometimes cats never become best friends but will just learn to tolerate each other. Lets hope a freindship blossoms. :)

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by: Nicola

Just to update you on my bengal war situation, after just a few more days the hissing and growling from luna stopped and they are now inseperable!! driving me mad, tripping me up and just generally having fun all over the house! thanks for all your advice it was very much appreciated!

Nicola :)

Update No.1
by: nicola

Unfortunately their first meeting was not the best, Luna happened to jump in through the window as i was sat on the floor playing with Jinx, almost landing on him giving her the fright of her life!
There are times where she seems to be coming round to the idea of a new housemate, she will lie on the bed when hes on there, or join in with playtime, but if Jinx gets too close the hissing starts. They have only been together 3 days, so i suppose its just a case of waiting to see what happens.
I will keep you posted!

Thank you! Nicola.
Yes do keep me posted i would love to know how they get on long term. I have always loved the bengal breed. kate

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