Big Boy Oliver is not feeling well.

My cat is 2yrs old and neutered and is completely and indoor cat. He has thrown up four times since midnight. The first 3 times were food, the last time it was just white and foamy. He doesnt want to eat or drink, and he's kind of standoffish. What could it be and how can i get him to drink. I have no funds to go to the vet. I know there is nothing that he could of gotten into, as far as a poison or anything. Please help.

Answer by Kate
Hi well unfortunately without a vet seeing him all we can do is guess at the problem. It may be a tummy bug, something that we all get from time to time and may sort itself out in a few days or he may have a fur ball.

As he thrown up four times it sounds like a digestive issue or food poisoning. Without a proper diagnosis there is no way of knowing if it is something that needs medical treatment or not.

All you can do is wait and see and make sure that you provide fresh water for your cat and give him some quiet time for a day or so. Hopefully it is something he will get over but as i say without a vet checking him out there is no way of really telling I'm afraid.

i hope he is better soon

best wishes Kate

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Max is scarring me to death.
by: Angie S.

Hi there my cat Max has been sick now for about 2 weeks. I've had him at the vet about 2 times already in one week.
And he's been going to the vet every month for the past 7 months because of his ears being infected and getting shots and getting his teeth clean
But for the past week max has not been eating or drinking like normal he has not been using the bathroom like normal he's had diarrhea having a hard time using the bathroom, I took him to the vet this past Friday, and they put fluids under his skin and gave him a vitamin B shot and sent antibiotics home with me, he started eating immediately and drinking water but now he stopped eating and drinking and using the bathroom what do I need to do?

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