Big Ozzy The Cat

Big Ozzy the cat. My name is Mary and this is my cat

Sex: Male

His favourite food is: He loves anything! 

This is what I like doing the best:
Napping in the sunshine laying flat on his back with all four paws in the air.
(Such a funny site)

His funny habits are: He loves to grab your pant leg with his paws to get you to hold him or pat is head. His purr sounds like a fast speeding motorboat.

How I found Big Ozzy:
Ozzy was surrendered by his owner at age 5 when she decided to get married and the husband to be was not a cat lover.

Ozzy had a serious weight problem at the time of his surrender. (He weighed 40 pounds) from spending the first 5 years of his life in a small bathroom with no room to play and exercise.
Once surrendered to the rescue, he was placed for possible euthanisia due to his severe weight problem. Nobody wanted to adopt a cat who could be prone to Diabetes and other weight related issues.

I could NOT allow him to be put down because he was overweight. So, I adopted him and he is with me today. He has trimmed down to about 25 pounds and a happy lapfull of love.

comment about Big Ozzy the cat 
by: Mike O'Brien

Good on ya Mary for you have saved old Ozzys Day 40 pounds more or less is what two Beagles weigh He look contented stretched out on your settee Looking at the camera for all the world to see 
I will sign off now for it's time that I was fed Now my Cat meowing so I better feed him instead. 
Pin Pal Mike.

Big Ozzy's Diary 4/16/09

Greetings Cats, Kittys and Humans

My name is Ozzy but some folks call me Big Ozzy.
I am a heafty ole fella about 7 years old.
I use to weigh about 40 pounds which I hear isnt very healthy for us cats so my human put me on food that was better for me and I have trimmed down to a handsome 25 pounds.

My being overweight wasnt my fault as I was never allowed to roam the house the first 5 years of my life with my previous owner. She kept me in a small bathroom for 5 years.
I was a good boy and I dont know why she didnt let me come out into the main part of the house.
I was a pretty lonely boy in that tiny bathroom all that time.
All I could do was eat and sleep.
You know how depression affects people?
Some eat to cope but I ate because there just wasnt anything else to do.
Finally my x owner met a man and decided to get married.
The man didnt like cats so he made her take me to a rescue.
I dont know why people do that to use kittys.
They love you when your a kitten and promise you the world and then when you grow up all of a sudden your not as important in their life. Seems very selfish to me but some people should not be pet owners.

We have feelings too. We grow to love and have feelings and get depressed. Some people think just because we're "JUST A CAT" that we dont go through depression or feel cast aside.
Well, at this so called "rescue" they felt I wasnt adoptable because I was so fat. They said most people overlooked adopting me because I was prone to health problems due to my weight.

A volunteer there seen me all locked up in a cage one day and heard that they was considering "putting me down" because my future was pretty bleak.
This nice volunteer lady named "Mary" looked at me and I could see it broke her heart to see that I wasn't getting a fair break. So she adopted me herself.
She took me home and I moved in with her and her other adopted kittys. That was 3 years ago and look at me now.

I have a big home to roam freely in (no more being locked away in a room) and plenty HEALTHY food to eat and nice soft comfy furniture to nap on.
But most of all I have a human mama who loves me and that makes the world a wonderful place to live in my opinion.
Im still a heafty big boy compared to most cats but you know what I think?
I think "Fat boys need love too" and I get plenty of that in my home. I dont know how my human Mama " mary" does it but she spreads her love all around and us kittys here are happy.

I have to say that yesterday wasnt a very good day though.
Ya see, there was a kitty at our house named "Callie".
She and I had alot in common.
She too, had a weight problem and was cast aside by a provious owner. When callie came to live with us last year I fell in love with her.
She was a bigger gal but oh so beautiful in my eyes.
She didnt care for me much but I loved her anyway.
I always hoped she would learn to love me like I did her.
I thought we was perfect for each other.
Then yesterday my friend Callie died.
My heart was and still is broken.
None of us kittys understand why she left us but Mama said the vet said she had "Mammary Cancer".

I dont know what that is but I know it dont sound good and it caused my pretty friend Callie to leave us way before her time.
The other kittys here are pretty upset too because it isnt the same without Callie but we know she will wait for us all on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
So here is a special shout out to my friend "Callie"

I loved you the first time I saw you.
You left us way too soon but I want you to know we all miss you.
Take care of the little kittys in heaven who dont have a mama.
I will see you someday.
Big Ozzy the cat

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by my Hut for a visit.
Come back soon, Ya hear?
Big Ozzy the cat

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