by Gems

My cat appears to have grown up to become a complete Savage............ He is catching (and most of the time KILLING!!)2 birds/mice PER DAY!!!

He thinks he is doing good, and i appreciate they are treats for me and my partner, and i appreciate its instinct but i want him to stop and that i dont want anymore 'Treats'

Do you know any tricks that i can use to stop him doing this??

Answer by Kate
Quick answer, No. I have never been able to stop my cats from doing what comes naturally. I think some cats are more prone to it than others but it is all good fun for them.
Do you play hunting games with him indoors at all? Sometimes if they have this it satisfies their desire to go out side and do it.
Apart from that and perhaps truing to squirt him with water when you catch him doing it (sometimes works but not always), I have no solution.

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love gifts
by: DeeDee

My cat brings them in alive and I have to catch them what she brings in rabbits, bird, mouse. My mom told me they are gifts she lays at my feet or my cat cry's from the next room to come see what she has for me this time. The last one a baby rabbit and not hurt and took the baby back to the yard and the rabbit is growing. My daughter came in and a bird was flying around and she jumped did not know and woke me up.
It is in there nature. My cat I love I do not like what she does has long she does not kill them. They are a gift saying she loves you.

Bird Catching!!!
by: Gems

Thanks for your comments.

What i have decided to do is attach a small bell to his collar so that the mice and birds can hear him coming.

Hopefully this will work? Fingers crossed!

by: Anonymous

You could keep him indoors. Is he neutered? that might help. I took in a stray/feral tom cat who was very aggressive and after his neuter just a nice cat....still tough but not overly.

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