BJ The Cat

BJ the cat -Welcome to BJ's cat photos page. My name is Elizabeth and this is my cat.

Sex - Male

Age - 4 months

Lives In - Texas, USA

My favorite food - Eats "Special Kitty" food but loves his tuna treats.

This is what I like to do the best - Entertain his family by playing with his toys. He jumps high and does flips.

My funny habits are - When he's looking for his brother or sister he does a deep, long meow.

How I found my cat -

I found BJ at an adoption agency. He was 12 weeks old when he was discovered. He's now happy at his new home. BJ also loves his brother and sister (which were also adopted kittens.)

Comment from Kate
What an adorable little kitten, he looks a bundle of fun.  He reminds of my Kitten Byron, similar colouring and markings. It’s funny but I never thought I would like a black and white cat but oh my goodness what cuties they are. I call my cat my little tuxedo baby.

You say that he does high flips, that’s so odd because so does my black and white cat but his brother who is a tabby does not. I wonder if black and white cats are particularly good at this.

I always do amazed just how high he can jump. Unfortunately he is a bit of a birder and I couldn’t understand how he was catching them. Then I saw him leap in the air as a bird took off. Oh my goodness he went so high that I could see how easy it would be for him to grab the bird before it has a chance to get very high.

Although his jumping is great to watch when we play with him in the house, I’m afraid the birds in our garden are in trouble.

BJ The Cat Loves The Camera

BJ knows how to pose.Bj is so Adorable! by: Anonymous BJ is so adorable he makes me want to pick him up, touch him, etc. I would love to hear his low meow when he looks for the others! And his brother and sister are handsome too. In my lifetime I have had two kitties with white down their noses and a little black spot under their chin. We called on Blackbeard! The other was Shu. They both lived long happy lives! I thought it was so cute that BJ jumps to entertain you! I'd love to see that. Cats are so great! Thanks for posting about BJ. It was great to know about another wonderful kitty! :) Karen 

A Family Picture

Here is BJ with his older brother and sister. Left to Right: Rascal, BJ, Cleoby: Karen I thought I rated 5 stars, but it didn't show up. So I did it again! XO Karen Three Musketeers! by: Karen These three are so beautiful! You are so lucky to have found them, I bet they get into mischief together, like the three musketeers! Take good care! :) Karen 

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