Black Bits Underneath My Cats Chin

Hi, It's been a few month that I keep noticing black bits underneath my cats chin. At first it wasn't a lot, but its getting a bit more lately. When I touch them they fall off. I have noticed a bumpy spot too and when i touched it today some discharge was released.

I have been washing his chin twice a day with salty warm water, is there any thing to be worried about? He does eat and drinks as normal. I think I am more worried about this than him. he doesn't seem bothered . thanks.  by aida (Cardiff, UK)

Answer by Kate

Hi, Well there are several possibilities. 

  • It could be just be scabs, from a previous fight. If your cat has been in a fight and got scratched then this could have caused scabs to form. these should go with time, as long as your cat leaves them alone.

  • It may be mites or flea dirts. Make sure you have treated your cat for fleas and worms.

    See my page about fleas here.

    Wipe the chin with warm water to see if you can remove the marks. If they cannot be washed off , then it may be caused by an allergy, perhaps to flea bites.

    I have information about allergies here

Hope this gives you a few ideas. But of course if the condition gets worse, than a visit to your vets is the best option. 

best wishes Kate


Could be acne! by: Liz 

Some cats get feline acne too, especially males because they have a tendency to be a tad more sloppy when it comes to grooming. If the bits run red after you put water on them then they are probably flea dirt

Black bits by: Anonymous 

It's probably the type of food you're feeding her. (Dry food?) It's not a big deal, just clean them off.:) 

by: aida 

Thank Kate, he just had worming tablets, and also flee drops, i ve changed his food bowel to not plastic bowels now hoping that help .:)

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