Bleeding cut in my cats mouth

How can I stop the bleeding of a cut on the roof of my cats mouth?

The quick answer is you cant. The mouth is very quick at healing and so the cut should stop bleeding by itself fairly quickly.

I wonder how he cut his mouth. was it on a bone?

keep an eye on your cat over the next day or so to make sure that the wound does not swell or become infected. If this does happen then you will have to take him to see a vet.

Hope your cat is Ok

best wishes kate

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Cat bleeding from mouth.
by: ken

I have an adopted cat who has been healthy so far. But about 4 days ago she stopped eating much, merely nibbling and acts like drinking is painful. I've noticed that she appears to be bleeding in the mouth as she has both of her front paws stained red from grooming. She has been lethargic, sleeping more than usual, and will sit and stare at her water bowl and lick her chops as if she's thirsty. But when she tried to drink, she paws the floor around the bowl and flinches. Her usual diet is dry food so I gave her some canned food as a treat and she DID eat some of that. I am on a fixed income and taking her to a vet would mean I don't eat this month myself. I don't know what to do. She was abandoned by a nieghbor when she moved.

Loose fang and it keeps bleeding.
by: Annette

My cat came in earlier and her top fang is hanging on by a thread, it was bleeding quite bad, I managed to clean her up. It stopped but is now bleeding again. She is eating a bit and drinking. What else do I need to do for her?

Getting very worried.
by: Malissa&James

We recently took in a very sweet stray cat, she’s had 6 kittens and they’re about 4 weeks old. The problem is, the car has a cut in her mouth on the gum line, unsure of how it had gotten there. But we cannot get it to clot up and stay not bleeding. We have put up her food and water in the hopes it helps clot her cut up. But we are unsure what to do. And do not have her vaccinations or anything. She may have had them previously but were sure the vet will want eveything done before she’s helped. WHAT CAN WE DO!?

My cat has a cut like wound by his upper lip, and it is not healing
by: Anonymous

I noticed exactly a week ago my cats lip area by his whiskers was red, I decided to pull his lip up and saw a cut like open wound on his upper lip. It looks like he just rubbed his mouth area to hard on the edge of the box he likes to sleep in... The thing is i'm not sure if that was it I checked it out again and saw that it is still red and not healing. It looks like there was a little bit of bleeding.

concerned about not and eating
by: Anonymous

My cat had fallen from our 2nd floor balcony.... I am absolutely devastated by this... and cant get over how i could allow it to happen. He has a nasty laceration in the roof of his mouth. The vet said keep an eye on him... I think he is still a little shocked, (content to stay hidden under the sofa) as this happened yesterday.

My worry now is he is not drinking and eating due to the pain. I have soft food for him but he needs more time to get his appetite... how long do you think it will take for him to start drinking water at least?

Very worried about him :(

Hi I.m so sorry that this happened, but accidents do, even when you are really careful.

If he has a injury to the top of his mouth it will probably be too painful for a couple of days before he can eat or drink.

I don't know if your vet has given him any pain medication or not but if your cat has not eaten or drunk for two days then contact your vet again for advice.

Don't worry just yet it is early days. See how he is tomorrow. Kate

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