Blind Cat attacks me

by Marion McGlone
(Edinburgh Scotland)

Hi there,

We have given a home to a blind cat and it has turned out more difficult than I expected. He sees things close up and can see shapes.
His first night was fine and was the next morning, then something spooked him. He was meowing really loudly and jumped on my knee. I spoke to him and stroked him and he very aggressively bit me on the hand. I stood up and he bit me on the leg.
I am quite frightened of him and I know I'm moving around the house awkwardly which will be scaring him. After an evening of playing with him (at a distance) he bit me again on the foot.
I'm getting him neutered tomorrow but I don't know what else I can do.

Answer by KAte
Hi poor guy and poor you i can understand why this is difficult for you but unfortunately a situation like this take time. Your cat bites out of fear and because he can't see that well he lashes out at anything. he hasn't had time to get to know you all well enough to build up that confidence in either you or where he lives.

You are doing the right thing in having him neutered this will help to calm him down over time too and reduce his aggression too.

I have a web page about blind cats here for more information

however there are other sites purely dedicated to dealing with disabled and blind cats. they may be able to help you with more day to day practical solutions for helping this cat in your home. Look them up online under disabled cats.

I'm sure that over time as the cats confidence builds he will become less afraid and so less likely to lash out. it is important that when you are around him and when you handle him that you are calm and relaxed yourself, he will pick up on your fear and this will make things worse. if he does lash out try not to yell out, simply pick him up firmly and place him on the floor or simply walk away from him slowly put deliberately.

Also remember when walking near him, make sure you don't surprise him this could be why he is lashing out, so make sure he hears you before you are too close.

best wishes Kate

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Thank you!
by: Edgar

Hi, I wanted to thank the site's creator for all the useful information and Marion for sharing the situation she had at that moment.

I'm going through the exact same behavior with a 10-month old female cat and at times I've felt like giving up on her, but now I know I'm not alone. I really hope it turned out great for you!

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