blue russian cat losing fur

by farooq
(detroit,mi USA)

My Blue Russain Cat

My Blue Russain Cat

my girl blue russian cat losing small areas of hair everywhere, her behavior is fine help

As it is near the ear on the picture i am wondering if it could be ear mites.

They can crawl out of the ear and cause irritation around the head causing your cat to scratch. I have more on ear mites on my page here

However if she is losing fur on other parts of her body too it may be caused my another parasite or even an allergy. Please see my page about cat fur loss here

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Blue russian kitten 6 months loosing hair around eyes up to the ears
by: Anonymous


Reading all the comments here I also start wondering if it is not some trait of blue Russian cats to lose hair like that around ears and eyes? For the moment the vet has checked my 7 months old kitten and he says it is not ringworm. However, he gave us an anti-fungal cream to apply, which we are doing currently.

The only stress he had was that we were away for 1 week for end of year holidays, but he was still home, and a friend came to give food and clean.

Anyone else had these problems? Any solutions?

My Russian Snoopy
by: Elizabeth Nieves Fontanez

My Baby is also loosing hair in different places. We noticed it about 3 mos ago thought it was regular shedding. I know he's a lil stressed because of our recent move but this began way b4. He is eating & he Definetly don't like it here but is this normal?? Help😔

same ish, dif toilet
by: lovemybluFREDDY

My Freddy is a Russian blue also. He has been losing hair around his ears for a few weeks now. He has undergone stress due to us moving and we also move to a smaller place. I can tell he's a bit unhappy with the move, however he's eating fine cleaning himself fine and it's the same old attitude-ey self. I never see him scratching at his ears like ever. I wonder if it is a common trait with Russian Blues. Thank you guys for all your input

Could be ringworm
by: Thor's mom


I hope you figured it out. But just in case it happens again or someone else has a similar problem, take the cat to the vet soon. It could be ringworm. Ringworm is not life-threatening but it's quite itchy for the kitten and a real pain in the ass to get rid of.

Best of luck!

Thor's mom

hair loss
by: Dave

Someone put Harley on our front porch when he was a tiny baby early spring 2015. Last spring (2016) I noticed he was losing hair on several spots of his body. We changed his food and eventually his grew back. Three weeks ago I noticed it started again. Our longtime vet couldn't figure it out last year or this year. Harley needs help!!

Stress can cause fur loss too. Is there anything that could be upsetting your cat?

Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

Our girl is 9 years old and ahes got the same issue around her eyes. Ears are fine. I havent bathed her in quite a while but the diet did change to a senior diet but same brand. Not sure if that caused it. One time in the past she lost a bunch of hair around her butt because of a change in litter but it grew back after we stopped using it.

Worried our Blur Russian Kitten is losing haor
by: Janifer

I am seeing these pictures and comments and am starting to wonder if this is a common trait for this breed. I have a male Blur Russian kitten not even 6 months old and he is losing his hair around the eyes and ears. I am so worried. He is such a sweet little guy. I guess it's vet time :(

found cause
by: ashleys mommy

It turns out she suffers from obsesive compulsive disorder, OCD. We have bought an all natural pheramone collar that resembles the feeling she would get when she was a kitten and being comfoted by her mother. Hair has come back and she's been doing great. She was scratching her ears while my husband and I were gone durring the day, she was also chewing off her front leg hair. the collar works great, and its good for her being all natural. we bought it at tre bone a local health food store for pets.

good luck
by: Anonymous

like he stated,,, stop the bathing.believe it or not my baby stop losing hair a month ago,DON'T ask me who

Ashleys owner kala reply
by: kala

The vet we go to says that with this shampoo we use it doesnt matter how often we bathe her with it its a dermilite shampoo made for cats and her skin is not dry at all. she is silky and smoothe. the vet says she is not dry at all. Yesterday though she has started to chew on her front legs and has given herself two blad spots one per leg. There is no redness & no dryness. I have started her on organic pet superfood made in the USA skin and coat daily pet supplement. I hope this helps. Also about the batheing we have been doing it since she was 6weeks old and never had this issue before and yes i know her body is changing so maybe its different now but the vet said this shouldnt be causing it no matter how often she is bathed. thankyou

my russian blue female is having the same issue
by: kala

My baby Ashley is just over 1 year in age, she is a stricktly indoor cat who has never been outside since she was 6 weeks old. She has reccently statred to lose hair on her ears. She isnt around any other animals. She is spayed. The pictures are almost identical. Her ears are cleaned regulary and she never has any build up. She is bathed once a week. There has been no scratching. She eats a combo of wet canned food and raw food that has no wheat, corn or soy it is all organic and natural with no persevitives so im sure its not a food allergy. She has been eating this food since she was a baby and never had any problems before.Nothing has changed in the household with my husband and I or in the house, i dont think its stress. Im sure its not mange shes not exposed to any other animals so how could it be?Did you find out anything from a vet as to what has caused this ear baldness?

It may have something to do with the fact that you bath her every week. Bathing should only be necessary when they get something particularly nasty on their fur or I suppose if they are to be shown.

Bathing can dry out the skin and as the ears are particularly sensitive this could be why they are the worst affected.

Perhaps stop bathing her so regularly and also give her a supplement to help with fur and skin condition to see if this helps.


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