Boots - Cat memorial

by Jude
(Fort Worth,Texas,USA)

I love you to the moon and back!

I love you to the moon and back!

11/16/18 approximately was the day my world changed in a blink of a eye. It was about 2:30 a.m and I was startled out of bed by a painful shriek.I ran to the living room to see my cat on the floor on his side with his little tongue hanging out and his eyes wide open, I ran to grab him and see what happened, But instantly I knew he was gone. The previous 1-2 days I noticed that he had stopped eating and drinking water and he was wagging his tongue like a puppy, I searched the internet and saw that it could be so many things so I put some diluted peroxide and water on a swab and wiped his lips and put a little in his mouth, and held him and prayed. It seemed to have worked within a hour or two he was up and eating and making sure that I noticed he was eating as usual, I gave him his hug and "good boy" and was so happy to see him feeling better he even played with his toys and sightly groomed himself,At the time I didn't have money for a vet so i winged it on prayers and the internet.He used to like to sleep on my mothers recliner so that evening he nestled up to it and off to bed we went.Then at 2:30 a.m came the shriek that still haunts me. My cat was just not a cat, he was my "Boy" and filled my heart with so much joy and love. I don't know who loved who more as he adored me as well to be honest.He followed my every step and was jokingly regarded as my little shadow, we were together for 6 years every day and night almost from the time he was born as he was a member of a feral cat we used to feed litter of kittens I owned him at about 4-6 weeks old. He will always be in my heart and soul..It has been almost 2 months and I still cry for him. I am a grown man by the way but I don't care he will always be my Boots.I will keep his memory alive and always remember him. Even thought he was just a kitty I know he would want me to move on, So I have adopted a new kitty who keeps me running and busy and I am learning to transfer my abundance of love to her which she deserves. But Boots where ever you are I LOVE YOU! and i cant wait to see you again!! I also now have pet insurance for my 2 remaining kitties thanks to Boots!! He taught me so much in 6 years, The least I could do is honor his little memory because he was worth it and so much more!! Remember hug and love your pets everyday!! You never know when it may be too late!!

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