Bootsie is loosing hair.

by Tracy

I noticed my 4 year old male cat Bootsie who is neutered is missing hair by his ears and it is thinning out on the top of his head in one spot. I took him to the vet as I was worried he may have ear mites or something had to be wrong. I looked in his ears and they looked clean so I did not think he had ear mites, but I had to be sure as I have another cat (Bonnie) who is 2 and whatever Bootsie gets she will get. Anyway, the vet said his ears are great and very clean. I have herd anxiety can also do this. The only change is that we moved across the hall on MAy 1st and Bootsie acts fine. It took the cats a couple of days to really look like they were comfortable, but they seem to be now. My question is is it normal for cats to start loosing some hair and have bald spots in some places as they get older? The vet didn't seem to feel that the hair loss was a issue. he said cats will lose hair for different reasons. I spent $50 for the visit and Bootsie needed his rabies shot so he got that shot. So, overall yesterday cost me $73. My cays are indoor cats so I couldn't figure out how they would get mites, but I was told it is still possible for them to get them. At least I am releived he doesn't have mites and I didn't have to get medication for both the cats..that saved money.

No it is not normal for cats to loose fur as they get older.

You are right that anxiety can affect cats causing them to over groom and cause bald patches.

At least you know that there is no mite problem causing this so you can concentrate on the behavior.

It may just be that your cat needs a period to calm down and relax and to get used to his new home. you could try some calming medication temporarily. there are cat sprays you can buy and also some natural medications. i have a page about cat anxiety etc which you may find of further help.


best wishes kate

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