Boy Kitten With A Big Belly

by Veronica Anderson
(Uniontown, Pa, United States)

 Smokie our kitten

Smokie our kitten

So I found my kitten in the barn next door and with many other cats, so I took him home, due to him being so skinny and the mother was not being feed enough herself to feed her kitten, so I took him home and now I am feeding him soft kitten food twice a day just like the lady at Pet Smart said to do, "just keep feeding him" so now I am not sure if I am feeding him to much, because his tummy is getting quite large or I don't know if he could be sick. Please help me I don't want the poor thing to burst. Thank You, I greatly appreciate it.

What a cute little guy.

Well yes it could be that you are feeding him too much but then again kittens have a lot of energy and they tend to use it all up.

Make sure that you are feeding him kitten food as this is specially formulated for them. Also check on the side of the packet to see what they recommend for a kittens daily allowance and stick to this. Also try to set up regular meal times if possible as this will help to stop him grazing too much throughout the day.

Also have you wormed him? Sometimes a big belly can be a sign of this. Please see my page here about this


Also have you noticed him going to the bathroom? If not then he may be constipated which can happen when they change diet.

If you have do both of these then i wouldn't worry too much. Kittens can sometimes look a little pot bellied for awhile. Just keep an eye on him and make sure that he doesn’t get any fatter. Make sure he keeps active also, lots of games with balls and strong should keep him trim.
Also I assume you have taken him to see a vet to have a check up and to talk about vaccinations etc also, it is always a good idea to do this when you re home a stray cat or kitten, there is no way of knowing otherwise what there general state of health is and it is always better to find this out sooner rather than later.

Best wishes kate

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