Bubbles Cat Rescue Story

by Wendy D.
(Chesterfield, MI)

Bubbles the bright little tabby cat

Bubbles the bright little tabby cat


I was driving down our busy main road near home. I spotted a form on the road and as I got closer, realized it was a cat. Of course, as most people know, nearly any cat seen on the road is "road pizza" and usually has been deceased for much more time than you would care to know. But, this time I wondered if this one kitty may be alive.

As I got nearer the lifeless body sprawled in the very middle of the traffic lane, I saw that if there was any life in the little one, it would not last long since a huge truck was quickly approaching. Knowing that not only is it difficult to avoid hitting something on the road, but some will actually aim toward animals in their way, I flagged the truck around.

Thankfully, the driver changed lanes, giving me a brief moment to assess the condition of the cat. As I bent down toward this poor kitty, she scrambled up into my arms. I hurried back to my car with her and placed her on the seat. She could barely breathe and I decided to rush to the vet with her. I was pretty certain she would not make it to the vet as she barely clung to life.

At the vet, they took her to the back. They gave me no prognosis as they viewed her little body, but did work quickly. Giving her a shot of prednisone brought this girl out of her shocked condition, and when I went back to see her in the cage, she had actually begun to sit up. I was very surprised with this outcome since
I had little hope of her survival. In addition to that, I had believed she would likely need to spend a day or two in the care of the vet, but she was able to be released that day.

Bubbles, as she became known due to her noisy grooming habits, was a bright, affectionate cat. Although her fur was a bit thin from obviously being on her own for awhile, it began to thicken from simple daily meals and good care.

Since we already had our share of cats, we could not keep Bubbles as a permanent pet. I asked around, but no one in my circle was looking for a cat. But the animal rescue league who I had close contact with did know someone who was looking for a friendly cat who was good with dogs. A Dad and young daughter fell in love with Bubbles and also introduced their Standard Poodle to her. They all got along and Bubbles had a new home.

I guess you never know if that apparently lifeless body on the road could really be a bright spirit waiting to be saved. Although I did not keep track of Bubbles, I am sure she had a a good life since she was a little gem.

If you want lots of rescue stories, simply contact any animal rescue group. Each group could likely give you 50 heart-wrenching stories to add, here.

Oh thank you so much Wendy for writing this heart warming story about Bubbles.

Thank goodness you stopped for her, i can't bear to think of her under the wheels of that lorry. Someone was certainly guiding you to her that day.

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