Bump on cat

by Lindsay
(Macon, GA)


My Cat, Natsuki, has a hard, Pinkish bump on her neck. The hair on it and around it is matted, dry and stiff. I don't think it hurts her because she does not mine if i rub or pet in that area or on it.. and when i went to wipe that area with a damp wash cloth (thinking it was just dry stiff hair because she got something on it) so was fine with me touching it. I was wondering if you might know what it is or could be?

Answer by Kate
well it could be many things, a boil, a growth, a tick these are just the first few things i thought of.

really there is no way of knowing without vet having a proper look at it , he may even have to do a small biopsy on it to test it.

My own cat has a small lump which grew and grew and didn't seem to hurt her but when we got it checked by the vet he said it was a non cancerous tumour. we had to have it removed as it would continue to grow. She is fine now by the away.

Even if it is a tick it needs to be removed quickly before infection sets in, so i would say a trip to the vets as soon as possible would be the best thing here.

Hope she is fine best wishes kate

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