burmese cats meowing late at night

by Jessica

cures for burmese cats meowing late at night? why do they do it when well fed happy clean litter walked and recives alot of attention.

This behavior is normal cat behavior. Cats are naturall more nocturnal than humans and thier instinct would be to go hunting etc at night time.

You did not mention if your cat is spayed /neutered. I ask as if they are not then this could be mating calls or caterwauling as it is known.

Please see this page for more on cat calling etc


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Mournful meowing
by: Lillian

A beautiful Burmese retired 3 yr old Queen that constantly carries around a fluffy toy that is on the end of a stick while meowing mournfully. It is hard to listen to without wanting to somehow help her. She will come to our bed at night carrying this fluffy toy. She is pampered and loved and cohabits the house with a male Burmese. It is not something that we cannot live with but wonder why this behavour. It is periodic during the day and night but occurs every day.

Burmese cats yowling
by: Pat

Have you checked that your cat has a clean tray ...they are real fusspots and insist on a clean fresh smelling tray.My Burmese often will yowl if he needs more food put down even though he might have had a packet(they are supposed not to overfeed like some some types! ha! Mine has a podgy tum!)

burmese yowling
by: joyce

I have 3 burmese cats. I have one that howls at night so what I did was make sure she doesn't sleep in the daytime that much. Keep burmese away from where he/she normally sleeps. It worked for mine hope it will work for yours.

re cat meowing.
by: Jessica

yes Max was spayed at 9 weeks old by the breader,
we have tryed the water spray bottle and it has not worked, he is well fed and has clean litter, we give him lots of attention,my mum is upset cause our neighbours are now complaining and mum is at her wits end with him, someone said their is an operation to stop him meowing,is that crualas he is only 2 & a half years oldhes been doing this for about 8 months and getting worse,is there anything else we can try .

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