Buster's diorrheoa, vomitting, spraying and change in behaviour

by Kate

Hi, my tom cat Buster is aprox 5(+)years old. I took him in over 4years ago as a young stray so not sure of his exact age. He has always been boisterous and a bit on the wild side but always very affectionate. Recently he has been very restless, has diorrheoa, sprays indoors, urinates indoors and has even defacated once in his food bowl plus he vomits a lot (he has always vomitted occasionally)He has also been actively aggressive towards his sister (took her in the same time and they are identical so pretty sure they are siblings) and although he has gone through phazes of night calling before, it is now every night and sometimes during the day. Can I treat him myself? He went to the vet about 2 months ago for treatment for an absess after being attacked by the local bully tom cat. I can't face taking him again if i can avoid it because he hates it.

I thought worms came from fleas and outside prey but he no longer goes out and is regularly treated for fleas. He loved going outside but due to a particularly viscious cat who has also broken in through the cat flap and got in through slightly open windows and attacked him, he is now very fearfull and only ventures outside with me in the street for 5 or 10 minutes. (I have done everything possible-blocked cat flap, spoken to owners about possibly neutering their cat etc and called every agency- RSPCA have posted vouchers for neutering but family have not responded)
Please let me know how I can help my cat or if he definately needs a vet plus what you suggest he may have. Apart from the upset of living mainly indoors and the attacks, the only
other thing worth mentioning is that we now have a third cat. He/she (I can't tell) is a very small old stray who I introduced very slowly to both my cats and despite a few hiccups such as some hissing etc they all seem to be ok. They all have their own beds and Tabby doesn't even attempt to go upstairs because she isn't very agile so Buster and Lola know that that is still their domain. I have also bought a feliway plug in but not seen any difference. The spraying is also a huge worry because of the smell and the fact that it is unhygenic as I have a 3yr old daughter. I desperately need to stop this. What is your prognosis?
Many thanks


Answer by KAte
you have not mentioned if your cat is neutered or not. I assuming he is.

The behavior I think probably is due to the new cat. Cats are not pack animals and so don't generally get along with living in close contact with other cats unless they were brought up together. I really think this is stressing your cat out especially now that he does not go out that much.

As to waht can be done, well as long as all the cats in your home are spayed and neutered (this is the first thing which has to be done), then the only other option is for you to try and get the cats to become more comfortable with each other using the introduction method described here


Also all the cats will need there own litter tray and feeding bowls away from each other.

I have pages on this site regarding causes of cat vomiting which you may also find of help here


best wishes Kate

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