Buttercup - Cat Photo Contest Feb 2013

by Judith Manna
(Johnstown, Pa Usa)

Buttercup my cat

Buttercup my cat

This is a updated photo of Buttercup. Buttercup is my 11 month cream colored old mackerel Tabby. He is about 7 months in this photo. He loves to look out the window. He was looking at the birds and I just thought he looked so nice the way he looked back at me. His eyes showed up so beautiful! I just love this picture of him. I want to get this picture blown up and put it on my wall. At the time of the photo Buttercup was not at himself because he was having problems with his ears. The vet had to give him a cortisone shot. So he was a little depressed for a while. But he was very photo ready that day! I hope everyone enjoys the photo as much as I do! Good luck to the cats out there! I just love cats and I really enjoy this website! Such lovely cat photos and stories are posted! I like reading all the stories and hearing about all the different cats. I had a lot of cats growing up and I always was a cat person. Buttercup is very special to me and I think I enjoy him so much is because my children are here to love him also.

I enjoy the cream color of Buttercup. When my husband got him on my birthday he wanted to name him Peaches but I said well let me see him first. When I walked in the room he looked right at me and meowed at me and I picked him up and was talking to him and said aww he's my little Buttercup and my husband said that's it that's his name. I call him Butter's for short and sometimes when I'm talking funny to him I say buttermilk babes and I do call him babes sometimes. It's funny just to call him all kind of funny names with butter in it! But he know his name is Buttercup. Thank you for taking the time to read this and look at the photo! Hope every cat out there is loved as much as my Buttercup!

Feb 07, 2013
by: Anonymous

I really like this photo! Pretty eyes!

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