Buttons the Cat 
Cat Photos And Her Story 

Buttons the cat is my pet and my name is Kyla.

About Buttons

Sex: Female

Age: 11 months

Lives in: Greenfield, United States

Her favourite food is:  Cat Food

This is what sge likes doing the best:  Looking out the window staring at the birds.

Her funny habits are: she is a daddy's girl!

My mom has a colony of cats and one had kittens so we took the two girls. Mittens ran away so now we just have one cat.

She is the Gorgeous daughter of Sully and spook, a Himalayan and tabby mixture , she is very loving and seeking a new friend.

Her sister mittens has moved on to find her soul mate. My cat is determined to become a model one day so she remains with her humans to stay clean and safe.

Comment from Kate

What a gorgeous face, the mix of breeds from his parents gives him a unique look, soft ears and very long whiskers.

I have sympathies for you; I know what it like to have a cat who is a daddy’s girl too. Little mo or previous cat was most definitely Matt’s cat, she only had eyes for him and would stare adoringly at him all the time. He could pick her up and do whatever he liked with her and she was happy to put up with it.

With me she simply tolerated me it seems. She would come to me for food when Matt wasn't around but apart from that, I was just somebody else in the house. But I loved her anyway, she was a special girl. Just like your buttons I’m sure is for you.

Add some more pictures of your model cat for us to see, I bet she’s a real stunner and takes some great pictures. Why not share them with us.

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