Calico "The Shed Kitty" UPDATE

by Mary F.
(North Carolina, USA)

Today is June 15th and I am sad to report that Calico's little blind kitten passed away during the night.

If you remember by my previous post, I found Mama "whom I named Calico" under my shed about 3 weeks ago with 2 surviving kittens from a litter she had just given birth to.

Mama looked fairly good but both surviving kittens was in poor condition.
One had a bad abscess in its right eye and had already lost the eye in the few days since it had been born.
They both as well as mama all had major eye infections and Upper Respiratory infections.
In the last 3 weeks I have worked hard to save them and kept them fed and eyes cleaned out many times a day and made trips to check them every few hours day and night for three weeks, but the little blind kitten continued to not thrive.

This morning I found her dead in the cage with her mama and litter mate. My heart is broken but I am grateful that she is no longer suffering as its first 3 weeks of life was not good at all no matter what efforts I put into saving them.

Mama is also showing signs of distress and possibly signs of FIP which is most always fatal.
She and her surviving kitten are both continually sick and not getting much better.

I feel that euthanizing them may be the only option (Sadly).
Dying from FIP is a very painful and
sometimes slow death.
I cannot allow that for them.
Their suffering has been too long already.
Sometimes it is our duty to help them cross the bridge peacefully and pass through the pain and suffering.

I will be making that decision in the next day or so and will update you all.
Please remember these 2 little kittys who have struggled badly in their short life.
This is what we cat lovers do.
We find them, feed them, and try to save them and most of all we fall in love with them.
Then we have to give them the ultimate act of love and say goodbye and help them cross the bridge into pain free eternity.
It is never easy and parting is difficult but I know there is a higher healing power somewhere that can truly save them where we on earth cannot.

These precious kittys deserve that.
I will update again when the decision is made and they have safely crossed over.


Mary in NC

Holding You in Prayer
by: Anonymous


Calico was lucky to have been guided to an earth angel like you to help her. I'm thinking of you and holding you and your precious charges in prayer. I know you did your best and that's all any of us can do, but it sure is heart-breaking all the same. Your kindness has made all the difference, not only for them but for all of us.
Thank you for a gentle heart that cares.
Blessings, Karen

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