Can Anyone advise - Cat threw up then went limp


My cat was coughing up a hairball and fell over, and her whole body was limp for about 30 seconds. When she seemed to wake up, she made a strange guttural meow.
We took her to a vet, who recommended a neurologist, who ran the basic tests and heart tests too, and ruled a heart condition. The MRI is way too expensive, and she really seemed to be fine.
So we brought her home, gave her an anti-biotic, and she has been good for two weeks. Last night she got up from sleep, coughed up some water or bile, and then seemed to go limp again, but not to the degree as before. She then recovers fine.
I am so worried about her, I have a hard time leaving her alone. Should I just have the MRI done, or is this something you have seen before?

Answer from Kate
Umm well i haven't seen this myself before but it does sound like she may be having little seizures.

Its difficult to advise you whether or not to have the MRI scan as I know they are expensive and I am not sure what medication / treatment can be provided for your cat if they do detect a problem. I would speak to your vet and ask them about possible outcomes first. ie what can be done for your cat if something is detected. If your lucky enough to have a good vet like i have then he should be happy to explain all the possible outcomes and costs etc with you.

Perhaps others who visit the site who have experienced a similar thing will be bale to advise further.

best wishes KAte

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by: Anonymous

Sounds to me like she's dehydrated and is getting heatstroke. If you look up heatstroke symptoms, what you described matches. Find a way to cool her down and see if that helps.

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