can cat go in heat while pregnant

by Edna

how often do house cats go into heat and do they go in heat while nursing a litter?

Answer by Kate
well house cats and stray cats will have the same periods of being in heat as it is controlled by hormones rather than environmental factors.

Female felines will show signs of being in heat on average for one week every three weeks from late winter or early spring. This will continue for nine months or longer, or until she has mated.

As for going into heat while she is still nursing. No she will not go into a genuine in heat period but sometimes they can give off false scents which are similar to being in heat and this can confuse tom cats who will try to mate her (usually she will tell them where to go). if this does happen make sure the male cat does not try to get amorous with the kittens which sometimes happens and can cause the kittens injury.

best wishes Kate

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