Can cats be gay?

by Aisha

Hi do male unneautered cats try to mate with neautered male cats? I have a neauterd gorgeous bshcross tabby of 8months old and recently a huge black unneutered male cat has been calling for him and sprays all over my garden and garden door. I find this extremely weird so just wanted to know if their is such thing as gay cats?

Answer by KAte
well it is more likely that the cat outside is marking territory rather than calling for a mate. he probably senses a new male cat in the area and is staking his claim to the area.

However sometimes the sexual drive for a tom cat can be so strong that they try to mate with anything including other male cats, your arm, soft toys etc. It is nothing to do with being gay, just hormones and instinct.

Unfortunately there is not much you can do about this.

best wishes kate

Comments for Can cats be gay?

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by: Anonymous

There is no such thing as homosexuality in the animal kingdom, even though many people swear there is, it is mainly domination mannerisms that people mistake for gay acts, animals go by instinct sight, smell, and hearing. Sometimes their instincts become confused, alot of times they will pick up a female scent on another male mistaking him for a female, but once the male realizes it's a male he will unmount. Sometimes a male will mount another to show his dominance, that will look like a sexual act when in all reality it is nonsexual to them.

gay cats
by: Anonymous

yes but were your two ginger brothers neautered? thats the real question i wanted an answer to.

by: Cat Lover

Hi, I am a cat lover and have seen many litters from my cats. We kept 2 unique coloured ginger males. We have witnessed many a time these two brothers mating to the point of ejactulation. So id say YES they can be gay, I have 2 of them.

Cats being gay
by: Anonymous

thanks for your reply about cats being gay. Im sure this cat outside is doing more than marking his territory. He screams and wails even the other day it was pouring down with rain and he didnt care and carried on calling. People always say its the females that call but from my experience, its the males that do all the calling.

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