can i move my kittens yet?

by kellie

hello,i have two girl cats,and 1 has just had kittens,shes still feeding at mo,however when shes not there my other cat jumps in the box and lays down as if to start feeding,they try to suck,but obviously arent getting any?? or are they? also.I found kitten poo last night,in the box,which means jazz the mother hasnt eaten it up. So when do they stop clearing up? and can i move them from my bedroom to downstairs now? their just over 3 weeks old. :) thankyou. kellie. its all new to meee!

At three weeks old they re just starting to find their feet and become more independent. Weaning happens between week 8 and week 12 and so until then the mother cat will still have a lot of control on the kittens.

you could try to move the box that the kittens are in but do not be surprised if the mother cats moves them back to your room if she feels that this is a better safer area for them.

As for clearing up the poop, yes this will start to stop now and they will need to be near a litter tray so that they can learn from their mother how to use it. make sure the sides are low so that they can get in.

they are still very young and so don't expect them to use the litter tray for many weeks yet.

I have many pages about kitten care which you may find of further help. here is the first page


best wishes kate

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by: kellie

thankyou very much for your answer,:)

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