can this cat relationship be saved?

by Marilyn
(Quartz Hill, CA, United States)

Our family has a 4-y.o. female indoor/outdoor-type. We brought a new kitten into our home last year and the kitten is now almost 1 y.o.

These two do not get along. Scared of the elder, our young cat runs-- the older cat pursues-- and they fight until the younger hides out of reach of the older (and out of reach of us). The older cat is obviously the alpha. This has been going on for almost a year. I'm afraid we didn't introduce them correctly.

Is there any hope of them living peaceably? We've had to just put them both outside to live so we're not shocked awake by their fighting under our beds in the wee hours!

Thank you for your help-- love your site!


Hi Marilyn
I;m not sure if you have seen my page about cat introductions or not, if not here is the page This page will have a lot of the answers you are looking for.

even though it has been a year it is still worth trying the introduction sessions. Sometimes the swapping of scents and the simple being together in the same space with out fear of attack can over time help to calm the waters. However as you are aware these two cats may never get along and the best you may hope for is a sort of truce with the odd breakout of hostilities.

I assume both cats are neutered, if not then this should be your first consideration as this will help reduce the tensions in the home etc.

I hope things are able to calm down for both your cats over time. You may even want to consider using one of those calming felaway sprays for your cats as this may also help them to relax.

best wishes Kate

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