Can't figure out our cat

by Matt and Anne
(Annapolis, MD USA)

Our confused cat

Our confused cat

Our cat moans and cries by the door anytime my wife walks outside like she can't stand to be away from her. When my wife walks around, cat is right under her feet following her into every room.

However, anytime she goes to pet our cat or touch her in any way (never mind holding her) she goes crazy hissing, scratching and biting! She has a couple of scars from these encounters....

Our cat also will rub on things and roll around on her back exposing her underside like she desperately wants to be pet, then gets upset if you do.

With me, it's almost complete opposite. I can USUALLY pet her and even hold her (not for a long time usually, but long enough) without consequence. She'll even purr for me. Sometimes we'll be lying down together with me petting her and her purring then suddenly she will become super aware like she just realized what was going on, look at me freaked out and run off.... Also, she could care less if I leave the room. No moaning and crying for me.

Very strange behavior. Any idea why she's like that with my wife? Has to always be around her, but NEVER wants to be touched by her??

She is a little over one year old. She's a bit younger in the included picture.

Well my first thought was that your cat has separation anxieties, something some cats develop if they are particularly sensitive and a little nervous. But it is very odd that she won’t let your wife touch her. Now this could be that she is emotionally attached to your wife but your wife may and please don’t take this the wrong way, smell odd. This could be her perfume or soap. I have seen some extreme reactions from cats regarding strong scents. It may be something as simple as that.

Your cat is still very young and they can be very flighty at this age. The sudden getting uo and freaking out i have seen before. Although we can’t say for sure, some think that it simply down to say dreaming and this spilling over into reality. You know when you wake up from a particularly deep dream and wake up and don’t know where you are, it may be something similar.

Of course this is all just guess work and no one can say for sure as the mind of our cats will never be understood.

I have a page here on the site about separation anxiety which you may find of further interest here

best wishes kate

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