Cant get to the vet until tuesday :(

Zoey is an inside cat, Spayed and completely black. She escapes outside occasionally and this time when she did, we found her high in a tree holding on for dear life to a small branch with a stray dog at the bottom of the tree.

We got a ladder and got her down, held her close to make her feel safe and brought her in the house. Since then she keeps sticking her tongue out like shes licking air and she wont eat or drink much. She's also pretty much confined herself to hiding under the bed. I got her some cans of tuna to see if it would intice her to eat a little something or at least drink the water and she did a little bit but still not a lot. She wont have anything to do with her dry food, milk or water. When she did drink some of the tuna water, she almost looked like she was having a hard time swollowing it or maybe it hurt. I checked to make sure her collar wasnt too tight and it wasnt but I'm worried about her. I tried to gentley open her mouth to see if there was something wrong in there but she kind of screamed and took off. Her tongue has been hanging out of her mouth on one side since then too. Next month she will be 2 years old. Anything you can suggest that I do until I can get her to the vet?

Answer by Kate
Hi well it either sounds like she has hurt her jaw or something in her mouth or the symptoms are a sign of severe distress. I suspect she has hurt herself though.

As to what you can do for her until you get her to the vets well there isn't much apart from letting her have some space and some peace and quiet. She will come to you if she feels the need. Often the best thing you can do is let them be.

She will be fine without food for a day or two and water for a day. Because you don't know what is wrong with her it is best that you do not try to give her any water or to open her mouth as you may do more damage unknowingly. All you can do is get her to a vets as soon as you can.

I hope the vet can sort out her problem quickly and easily and that she is back to her old self soon

best wishes kate

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