Our Happy Cat Caption Competition

These competitions are now closed. 

Every two months I will add a new picture to this page for you to come up with a funny caption to go with it.

To enter the competition all you have to do is to take a look at the picture below and using the form below send in your caption to go with it.

We always try to vary the prizes available but they will always be cat related. So one month there may be a funny cat book available and the next there may be something for your cat, like a catnip toy.

If you subscribe to my cat Ezine you will be the first to be notified when the next caption competition is available.

The deadline for this competition is Aug 25th. The best caption will be chosen and the winners name and caption will be posted on this page.

What Do You Think The Caption
For This Photograph Should Say? 

This month the prize for the competition is a book called "Cat Massage" byBo Lundberg and Nicola Routledge.

A lovely little book



Previous Winners of the caption competition are:

sept - Nov 2012 winner was ken Wilkinson with the caption "Oooohhh,these cat arobics are soooo tiring." and wins a book called "Cat Massage

July / Aug 2012 winner was Mica Ilic with the caption " 'Oh no! not another shampoo and set'! " and wins a stationary set

May / June 2012 winner was Sarah Drake with the caption "Muuuuuuummmm!!!" and wins a copy of the book "10 spiritual lessons you can learn from your cat".

Mar/April 2012 winner was Nicola Mcmanus with the caption "Whaaat.. Do I have something in my teeth?" and wins a copy of the book "Adorable cats".

Dec / Jan 2012 winner was sarah drake with the caption " This is our seat now.Get your own one!" and wins a cat play set.

Oct / Nov 2011 winner of the caption competition was : Erica Carter with the caption "Which one of you grand-kids put catnip in my toupee again?" and wins a copy of the book Utterly Adorable Cats.

Aug/Sept Winner was : Valerie Ganne with the caption "I think I’ll just have the dry cut next time " and wins a copy of the book The Fanatics guide to cats

April/May Winner was Kathleen Dombrowski with the captions "Me Tarzan-You Jane" and wins a copy of the book Yoga for cats.

Feb/ mar Winner was Kirsty and wins a copy of the book Cat Talk

Jan's winner was Joyce Rice with the caption "Okay, okay...let me think...was it left foot out or right foot in?" and wins a copy of the book Church Cats.

Nov's winner was Mary Hullah with the caption "You bought me Tesco Value cat-food?" and wins a copy of the book "Cat People".

Oct's winner was Rob Falconer wins a copy of the book "Quotable Cats"

Sept's winner was Garnet Elliot and wins a copy of the book "Astrology For Cats"

August's Winner was Valerie Ganne and wins a copy of the book "cat Haiku"

July's Winner was Ken Wilkinson and wins a copy of the book "Quotable Cats"

June's Winner was Audrey Margaret and wins a copy of the book "The Little Black cat Book"

Mays Winner was Valerie Ganne and wins a copy of the book "Life In The Cats Lane".

April's caption competition winner was Rob Falconer and wins a copy of the postcard book "Arty cats"

Mar winner was ken Wilkinson and wins a copy of the book Cat Naps.

Feb caption competition winner was Sheree Buchholz and wins a copy of the book Cats Luxurious loungers.

Dec/Jan winner was Dorothy Bowkett and wins a copy of the book "Gifts For cats"

Nov winner was Karen Andrews and wins a pack of cute cat paperclips.

Oct winner was Garnet Elliott and wins the book Cats getting the most out of life.

Sept winner was: Valerie Ganne and wins a copy of the book Utterly adorable cats.

Augs winner was: Rob Falconer and wins a copy of the book Cat astrophes, Tales of Moggie Mishaps & Misbehavior"

July winner was Xin sheng and wins the book "one Hundred secret thoughts cats have about humans"

June's winner was Karen Hauck they win a copy of the book Cats Do the Cutest Things" by Alexandra Ortoja-Baird. 

May's winner was Brian Johnston They win a copy of the book Your Talking Cat by Jack Richter. 

April's winner was Garnet Elliott They win a copy of the book The Cat Owner's Survival Guide by Martin Baxendale

March winner was Kristina Suszek they win a soft pet blanket.

February winner was - Garnet Elliott they win a bag of cat toys, including furry balls, crinkle balls catnip and soft mouse

Dec/jan09 winner was - Ken Wilkinson he wins a copy of "Cat Body Language Phasebook".

Nov 08 winner was - Lily Fang from canada with her caption " Is it me, or do I just smell pumpkin everywhere I go?"

Oct 08 winner was - Christine Auda, Hawthorne

Sept 08 winner was - Chantel White, Hillsboro, USA. with the caption "Ello my name is Hairy Potter".

August 08 caption competition Winner was - Kristina Suszek with her caption "My toesies could use a little rubbins...would ya mind?"

July 08 winner was - Tina Moore from Flat Rock USA with her caption of " Prolonged exposure to Wii may cause significant ear loss."

June 08 winners were - 1st place Sonia Mellish with "dont blame it on the sunshine, dont blame it on the moonlight, Don't blame it on the good times, Blame it on the boogie"

2nd place - Fran Light with "Invisible Skis - the perfect present for cats that like to go out on the piste"

3rd place - Susan Nisar with "Damn! They know I can walk up right now, the gigs up!"

May winner was : Fran Mahony with her caption of " Who needs sat nav,we have cat nav" 

April winner was : Samantha Roberts, Cocoa, United States with her caption "12 pack of coke's: $4.49, Pair of scissor's to free your best friend: $6.99, Having a great picture for your desk: Priceless! Samamtha win both of the above ebooks".

March caption competition winner was : Kristina Denman, Villa Hills United States with her caption of "You put nose prints at the top of the window and I'll get this part down at the bottom." Kristina won a set of play balls for her cat.

Jan/ Feb caption competition winner was Carissa Trotter from, Holland Michigan, USA. with her caption "I told you , you shouldn't have had that third helping of Turkey! I'll send for help!"

Decembers winner was Mickey Peden, Circleville, United States with his caption "Pay attention to me!!". The Dino Door Cat Toy is on its way to Mickey

Novembers winner was Evelyn Johnston from Glasgow UK with her caption

" I don't think this cat yoga is going to catch on! "

Evelyn won a refillable catnip toy with a box of 100% natural catnip.

Caption competition October winner was Tammy Kuse from Manhattan USA with her caption

"If i'm quiet enough, maybe it won't see me!"

Tammy won the bag of 6 cat toys.

Caption competition September winner was Jill kirby from Chorley UK with her caption

"Well, I am on the dog house again."

Jill won the set of 2 self-grooming cat brushes.

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