Cat Accidents

by Pam
(Reston, VA)

We have a fairly new cat named Gracie Rose. We adopted her on Halloween, however she goes in her litter box which is kept clean, but she comes out on the mat in front of the litter box and poops. She also will use the litter box and then come out on the carpet and poop. She is a manx cat and has no tail, but I don't think that this would be a reason. We are at a loss for what to do, please any suggestions would be appreciated. We had an almost 19-year old Maine Coon cat that we lost last June due to a stroke, and we never had this problem.

Answer from Kate
it sounds to me like she is scent marking this area. In which case there must be something which is causing her some anxiety. the trouble is discovering what this could be. You need to do a little detective work if the cause is not obvious on your part to try and discover the cause and try and change it.

I have a page about this problem with more information about this issue here

best wishes Kate

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manx problem
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your info. I will take all suggestions and advice with much appreciation.

Cat poo
by: pam

Thanks Kate, for your response. I also went to the other site and read about "middening". My husband and I will think about and perhaps try the suggestions made about crating, etc. Hopefully, we can figure out what is bothering her. Also, just one more quick ? - since we had our other cat for almost 19 years and we live in the same place, although we don't smell any urine, etc and have clean all areas that our previous cat had a habit especially the last two years of his life urinating at the patio door when he would see other critters outside. Perhaps Gracie is getting a whiff of that, although we aren't and this is causing her to mark her scent elsewhere. Any advice in regards to Gracie perhaps smelling scent from previous cat?

Answer from KAte
yes it is quite possible that she is smelling another cat and this is causing her some anxiety. Try cleaning around door frames and outside steps with a mixture of bicarbonate of soda which is a great odor neutralizer.

best wishes KAte

your manx
by: Anonymous

I'm not that familiar with Manx proper, but in looking for a solution to a problem I was having with a tailless Maine Coon newborn I came across this little piece of info: Manx's that are considered completely tailless and/or rumpys DO have a continence problem with their bowels. Apparently not having to use the muscles right at the anus for the tail, that area becomes weakened and doesn't always hold in the feces.
After learning this I still took the little Coon baby to be checked and he was just fine in every other way.

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