cat acting crazy

by simon carpenter

my cat is normaly very quiet and well behaved but tonight he went mad ran around the house pissed in the bath and then ran around some more and pissed in the wardrobe then he took a crap on the kitchen floor im very worried about him what could cause this kind of behavior.

Answer by Kate
There are two possibilities either he is ill which is causing him to urinate etc everywhere or something has scared your cat to the extent that he feels that he needs to mark his territory with his scent.

It is difficult to say whether it is illness or behavioural. Only you who really know him will be able to say if you think he shows signs of illness.
the answer will lie if it continues or if other signs appear too like not eating or sleeping a lot (illness possibility) or just continued madness.

Another thought is have you made sure that he is free from any fleas etc. Sometimes mad chasing around can be caused by intense itching and if distressed enough could cause the cat to urinate etc.

keep an eye on him for a day or so and if the behaviour continues, if it were me I I would take him to the vets to be on the safe side.

best wishes Kate

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