Cat acting strangely after getting outside

This was a stray kitten when we first adopted her. She is an indoor only cat. She has been great ever since we got her (about a year ago), always social and cuddly. Recently, she got outside, along with our other cat, and within 30 minutes, we realized they were missing and luckily were able to find them. She seemed a little scared outside, but very curious. Now that she is back inside, she is acting all strange around our other cat and us. She usually loves me, but now runs away anytime I get within 5 feet of her. Her tail is constantly bushy, and she is always watching everything. Around our other cat she looks like she is about to attack him, while before they got out, they were best friends. She was just scratching at the door trying to get out. She has NEVER been like this before, even when we first got here. Our other cat is fine after being outside, by the way. Currently she is playfully biting me while purring loudly after I tried to approach her, but then she starts seriously biting me. Honestly, at first we thought we had found the wrong cat, but it looks just like her, shes been in a lot of her usual hiding spots, we found her right outside our house, and she knows her way around the house, so we are positive it is her. We already put flea and tick stuff on both of them, which has never before changed their

behaviors. Is this normal, or what is going on?

I wouldn’t worry about this behaviour. It sounds to me like she is both excited and a little freaked out by her recent adventure. Don’t forget she would have encountered lots of strange smells (scent is incredibly important to cats) and also she may have heard noises and encountered other animals etc, so the fact that she is different really isn’t a surprise.

I find this question a little difficult to answer as i have always let my cats outside. I just don’t know how you’ve managed to keep yours inside for this long as my two would have either gone crazy themselves or driven up mad with this their pitiful cries etc.

I know many people do keep their cats in but I also have heard that once a cat does get a taste for the outside then it can cause problems as all their natural instincts are triggered and as they say cats are very curious creatures.

Hopefully in your case your cat will settle down within the next few days and eventually return to her normal self. Cats react to fear with aggression and so her new biting etc behavior could be a result of this.

You could try buying her some new toys to try and distract her from the outside and also any fears she may currently have.
I have lots of pages about different sorts of cats toys which you may find of further interest here

Best wishes kate

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Weird cat behavior
by: Vanessa

I have 2 cats male and female rescued together when they were only about 4 weeks old from the rain about two years ago. They have aways been inside cats. My male got out a few days ago he is back now the female acts scared of him and is hiding from him. Before they played, ate, together and slept with my daughter now she doesn't want to be around him and meows at my daughter when she gets close to her. Please help me with this miss how they were.thanks for any advice you may have

Reply from site owner Kate
Please see my page here on the site

My cat needs help :(
by: Anonymous

When I first found my cat (Meko) she was just a baby and was abandoned. She came to our house and was screaming for help. Of corse we welcomed her into our house and she has been the cutest cat ever who is very lovable and happy (but was always distant too). Recently we got a dog door so she, our other cat, and our dog could go outside. Our cat, Meko, won't ever come in accept to eat (normal cat behavior for new boundaries to explore). But most recently she has been terrified of any movements, the middle of beds, people, the dog door, our other animals (who she used to be best friends with), and she is very scittish. Is this normal cat behavior? Is she turning feral? She has been acting like this for at least a week and she has had the dog door for 2 months so it isn't new to her. Our other cat is perfectly fine, but she also doesn't go outside as much. If anyone has experience the same problem or knows why Meko is acting so weird please reply. Thank you!

Unhappy cofused
by: Anonymous

My gray cat is going on 6, Always been an outside cat since a kitten.Same as her sister,One is fine,one,is traumatized from,I do not know. comes in to eat.Started to act crazy, after I put ear drops,in her ears.All she does is growl,hiss.Does not come out,of the raspberry patch.You can call till forever.She is scared,of us,Won't come in the house.Looks at us then runs away. Why. Please help

Upset Persian
by: Anonymous

Hi need help my adult Persian was let outside and been side from 9:30 last night till 10:15 tonight and he ran back inside and has been fine and happy but every time I hug him under his arms he growls at me and he knows never to do it

He has been outside many times before harnessed but never off leach should I just give my baby time

He has the personality of a rag

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