Cat acting very strange indeed

by Jessica Valcke
(Washington, MI,USA)

Our five hear old male cat has began to act weird today. He started by acting like he was going to go to the bathroom in different areas of the home. He has never had a problem using the litter box before and he doesn't actually goes just looks like he does. He is laying in unusual parts of the house as well but won't stay still for long. He is cleaning himself more than usual, has large pupils, and is moaning like he is in pain. I'm not sure if this is constipation or something else. His stomach does feel a little harder than usual but it could be my imagination. Has someone had this issue before or should I call a vet??

yes it sounds to me like either he is constipated or he may have a UTI or a blockage in his urethra which is more common with male cats.

if you have not seen him pass urine in a awhile i would get him to the vets as soon as you can as this can be very painful indeed for your cat.

I have more information about UTIs and cat constipation here for more information. Hope he is better soon Kate

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