Cat acting very strange

by Sarah
(Elmira, Ontario, Canada)

My male cat who is 10 years old started vomiting a day ago and it is mostly bile and hair which I know are hairballs. However, that isn't just the beginning of it. Now he is acting very strange. He sits very strangely like as if he is going to pee but he's not. He is also moving slowly and won't look at me when I call his name which he always does. His ear moves but that's it. He lays down but raises his one leg(whichever one he isn't laying on). He also has been raising his tail while laying down and then puts it back down after a couple of mins. I don't know if he has gas or what. We also came home to several piles of disgusting putrid smelling clear liquidy poop which we assumed was from our dogs but now I am thinking it is from the cat. Something is definately wrong. I went to bed last night to find vomit on my side of the bed. Then today I went up and there was more but on my hubby's side. WTHeck is wrong with him? Any ideas? HELP!


Sarah :D

Answer by Kate
Umm well he may have to separate issues ie a bad case of hairballs and a tummy upset or one may be affecting the other ie if the hairballs are that bad he may have got an infection which is causing the tummy upset or bacteria has built up causing the diarrhea.

Normally with hairballs on their own they will go away on their own only sometimes do the cat need some help however with these other symptoms i wouldn't like to leave it and think that perhaps it is a good idea to have him checked out my a vet just in case something has become stuck inside causing these issues.

I hope he is Ok again soon

best wishes Kate

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