agressive adult cat

about 2 months ago my husband and I adopted a 3 year old blue persian. Since the beginning she has been agressive, and extremely destructive. If we try to pet her she just completely mauls us for no reason. She has gotten worse since she got pregnant. We are using her for a breeder so we can't just give her away. She is locked in a part of the house where no one goes except to feed her and change her litter. I am the only one she will back down to but she is still a nasty cat. Can we correct this behavior, or is she like this for good?

Answer by Kate
Ummm, I don't mean to sound mean but would you be very friendly or be able to become more relaxed in your new home if you were locked away from everything and everyone?

Basically this cat has had life experiences before you rehomed her that has made her very fearful of humans etc and this behavior will not change over night, indeed she will need lots of time, and TLC before she will relax with you.

i have hd letter from mamn people who have rehomed cats nd it has taken sometimes years before the cat finally gains enough trust and confidence in you before they will allow you to be near them etc.

So yes it is possible that her behavior will change but she will need to be treated very gently and carefully and HER TERMs. there is no point trying to force her to do things or for you to try and touch her etc, ll this will do will increase the fear.

i have a web page about bonding with a cat which may help, but remeber the process could be a long one.

here is the page

Let her
roam the house, so that she can become familiar with all the smells etc and make sure that everyone knows to leave her alone. She will come to you and others when she feels safe enough.

I really hope that the poor little girl can find her feet soon, as she can't be very happy being scared all the time (aggression is nearly always a sign of either fear or pain by the way.)

I also hope that you will get your lovely friendly Persian cat that you so wanted soon.

best wishes Kate

Agressive Cat
by: Mary in NC

Kate is correct.
Cats who have agression usually have a fear of something.
You probably do not have a full idea of what her life was like BEFORE you adopted her so her fears very possibly go way back in her life.

Cats have LONG memories and once they have experianced anything negative, they take a long time and alot of love and patience to learn trust again. It is truely a labor of love and time consuming.

Patience and soft spoken words and allowing her to roam the house freely and learn that she is a member of the family is what it is going to take to bring her around.
Being locked away in a room alone most of the time is going to make her regress more as time goes by. It only adds to her anxiety and fear.
Cats learn trust on their own terms.
(Read my story on the Rescue Stories Page about my cat "LOLA" who had this same problem".)
You will see that it isnt a quick fix with a cat who has fear and stress issues.
But lots of TLC and patience might just pay off.
It did for me and Lola.
Good luck and best wishes to you and your kitty.

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Aggressive cat that taunts

by Jennifer
(Charlotte, nc)

My cat is about 6 months old and is extremely temperamental. She loves people and is very sociable when we have guests over but sometime when we pet her she will be purring and then she will bite us, all while still purring. She also likes to get onto the kitchen counters, knock pictures off the wall, and sometimes it seems like she taunts us when she repeatedly does something she knows we don't like. We have tried positive reinforcement, giving her treats when she behaves well or listens when we tell her to get down. We have tried spraying her with a water bottle and we have had no luck in anything. My boyfriend thinks the cat hates him as she rarely will let him pet her and she is very partial to me but I cannot hold her or pet her as much as she would like. She destroys my bedroom at night, knocking things off my desk and literally trying to climb the walls, i leave my door open so she could go play with her toys if she wanted to so I don't know how to handle all of this. It is very frustrating and I am trying to patient as she is still young but I am wondering if there is anything else I can do to help remedy some or all of these issues. Thanks

Answer by Kate
well where should i start. basically what i think will be best is if i give you links to pages I have written about these issues. they will givbe you more information about each issue than I could explain here.

the first issue is about biting when playing

The next is about cat discipline

then there is one about bonding with a cat so that they will allow your boyfriend to get near

I hope my pages will be able to address some of your issues.

it sounds like you have a kitten full of the joys of life and full of energy.

best wishes Kate

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Aggressive Male Cat

by Stephanie

I have a male and female cat, they are brother and sister. I got them when they were just 6 weeks old. They are now 4 years old. I had them spayed and neutered. The vet told me that the male is like a nasty drunk and they female was like a happy drunk. The male actually bit the vet. It seems ever since then he has an attitude problem. He is constsntly fighting with his sister. She won't fight back and put him in his place. So I have a squirt bottle, and when he acts up I usually squirt him. Lately, it don't seem to faze him. What can I do to correct him of this behavior? Oh, he usually does this about an hour after we go to bed.


Answer by Kate
well it is normal for cats to bicker as it is all about dominance and position in the home etc.

I am not really sure what he is doing. if he is being aggressive towards you then the best way to treat it is by using negative and positive reaction, this is best described here on my web page

If he is having a go at the female, well this depends on how aggressive he is with her. if he hissing and growls then I would leave them to get on with it. It is just there way of sorting out who is boss between them and quite normal cat behaviour.

if he is causing her actual harm then your only option is to separate them at night time so that they have there own space and territory. Apart from that there is not much more you can do. Squirt y bottles only work occassionally but is not really something they understand. in fact they can start to resent you for doing it and cause them to react aggressively towards you.

Best wishes Kate

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Aggressive Female Cat

by Lia

I adopted a year-old rescue while I was at school, and she was unknowingly pregnant. Six kittens later, I brought her home once I graduated... She has been very good with all of the kittens, but upon meeting my two adult male cats she became very aggressive. She was home for four weeks with them with little to no progress, although she was in heat. I had her spayed two days ago, but when I let her out of my bedroom she still seemed afraid of the male cats. She didn't run at them like she used to, but I'm thinking that was due more to her discomfort from surgery. Are there steps I can take to reduce her aggressiveness further? She'll play with them through the door, but the minute she sees them without a barrier she growls and hisses and chases them. She is aggressive even in play, but never harmful to the kittens (two of which still live with us). She has never taken a swipe or tried to bite me or any human. If it makes a difference, she is a tabby/siamese mix.

Answer by Kate
it is very important that when new cats are introduced to a other cats that they are given time to build confidence in each other without the fear of injury etc.

The introduction process does take some time and patience but is worth it in the end. I have written a web page about this process here

I also have a web page about cat aggression which you may also find of interest.

best wishes Kate

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Aggressive tail chewing

by Mark

My cat has always attacked his tail, like most other cats will at times.But lately he is becoming very aggressive.He will look at it , growl then attack it to the point that it starts to bleed.I do not have a flea problem and I am almost sure there are no mites.At least not that I have noticed.You can calm him down for a few minutes while petting him.Then he will turn and see the tail and begin attacking it again.I am afraid I will come home and find he has bitten his tail completely off.I plan on taking him to the vet as soon as I can.But this being a weekend, I was hoping you could help me out till then.Thanks very much.

Answer by Kate
i have been asked about similar problems before and the result if it is not caused by worms or parasites can be unclear.

Some say it is a neurological symptom but I don't always think there is a definite cause. However every case is different and the first port of call is as you say the vets to check for worms etc further tests may be carried out as well.

My cat was allergic to being bitten by insects and would go mental with biting herself. The vet had to give her antihistamine injections.

So it is impossible to say what the cause could be in your cats case. Lets hope it is something that can be cleared up quickly.

best wishes Kate

by: Mark

Thanks for suggestions and help.I did change food recently because my other cat was beginning to throw up.They are both off to the vet this week to have them checked out.Thanks everyone!!

aggressive tail chewng
by: Anonymous


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Aggressive Siamese

by claire

Help, 3months ago we took in a 2 year old Male Siamese unneutered. We have 2 other cats Ragdolls both neutered, he was aggressive the moment he met them even though he spent the first week or so in my daughters cupboared,he has now been neutered only about 3 weeks but he is still very aggressive towards them. This morning he has injured my male Ragdoll with a neck punture wound. He is extreemley affectionate towards all of us including the dogs. What can we do? i fear having to rehome him but its stressing us all out.

Answer by KAte
Sounds to me like this cat has not had much contact with people or other cats in his past. Aggression is often a sign of fear and he is probably very stressed out with being in a home with new people, other cats and dogs.

There are no guarantees that he will ever become a loving pet, it is more likely that over time he will calm down but choose to be the sort of cat who keeps to himself.

It sounds to me like this cat will take quite some time to try and calm down but it is worth putting the effort in, for all of your sakes including him.

you will have to go through the introduction process with this cat for some time, introducing all your animals and other people over a few weeks and may have to be repeated several times. The process is described here

The process allows the cat to feel safer ina confined area and it allows his confidence to be built up slowly with the other animals. take it slow and one introduction at a time.

You will also have to try and build some bonds with him yourself. I have a page which will give yu some tips on hope to do this here

At the end of the day not all cats will fit into all homes and indeed some are happier in a home on their own with no other animals. So you may decide that everyone would be happier if a new home could be found for him. But only you can make that evaluation.

best wishes Kate

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aggressive female cat

by michael beck
(doncaster, england)

my 2 year old female cat has become verry aggressive towards me, my partner and my other 3 cats one of which is her sister, all this has happened since we got her spayed in december 2008,she never used to be aggressive she used to be a verry friendly pleasent cat, i am verry worried as my partner is 3 month pregnant with our 1st child and i am afraid of my cat turning on them. any help will be greatly appreciated.
kind regards

Answer by Kate
Hi Micheal
Well when I first read your post the first thing that dawned on me was if this a new behavior since she has been spayed, I wonder if she is in some pain.
Aggression, especially sudden aggression like this will only be caused if something is really upsetting your cat and pain is the most obvious.

if I were you I really would consider getting her checked by the vet just in case something happened during surgery that may be causing her some discomfort.

I have a web page about cat aggression and all the possible causes. If the vet gives your cat the all clear physically then you will have to look at the other possible causes and see if any of them may have happened recently in your home. here is the page

Best wishes Kate

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agressive cat behavior

by Victoria

My name is Victoria and I am asking your help. Please, help me if you can. I have a cat Mr.Honey. We love him VERY much and doing everything he wants. He is very smart and kind cat. Mr.Honey is 2 years old and we get him when he was 8 weeks. Also we have another cat Jinxy also 2 years old.We got her form shelter about one year ago. This Wednesday Mr.Honay tried to run outside( he inside cat only) and I pushed him back inside house. He started to attack me( bite and scratch).After that 3 days he was as usual. But today he attacked me . We went to vet emergency room vet said me that Mr.Honey tried to dominate at me( because I am not allow him go outside). Vet gave us some medicine for Mr.Honey and also told me if Mr.Honey’s behavior not will improve we need find another home for him!!!
This is impossible because I love him VERY much and can not to do that. Please help me. What I need to do? How can I help Mr.Honay be as before kind and lovely cat.

Mr. Honey needs to take a daily medicine, however, he is very unhappy about that and it is a struggle for him and me. I am holding him really hard to give him medicine because I am afraid he can bite or scratch me. Are there any easier ways to give medicine to cat? I tried to mix the medicine with dry food and water but he senses that his medicine is inside and he won’t eat it.

Thank you in advance,

Answer by Kate
I am assuming that your cat is neutered! If not then it is important that you do this as it will help to calm him down.

Other than that a cat is a natural hunter and explorer and it is not a natural situation for a cat to remain inside. Now I understand that many owners feel that they have to keep them in and so if that is the case it is important the cats inside world is as stimulating and exciting as outside. I have written a page about how to try and help your inside cat be happy here

If you have a happy cat then hopefully he should not feel need to go outside.

I have also written a page about aggressive cat behaviour here for your information.

I don't know what this medicine is that you have to give him but generally any medicine can be given either with a quick action or (and especially if your cat is very stressed at the moment about the whole thing) to crush it and hide it inside food. Choose a food stuff which is very smelly, this will make it irristable for your cat. This page on my site also helps with how to give medication

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